Worqference 2023 Roundup: Insights and Highlights - The Test Tribe

Worqference 2023 Roundup: Insights and Highlights

Worqference 2023 Roundup

Following the massive success of Testflix 2022, we at The Test Tribe set out to bring our next flagship event for testers – Worqference 2023. Our goal was to provide demonstration-based learning to learners on various topics demanded by the industry.

Early bird tickets for Worqference were announced during the Testflix days on 8th October, and the community was thrilled to grab this opportunity. 

The time after Testflix went into lots of brainstorming on the different channels that can be activated to market the conference. While the success of Testflix was in our mind, we were still putting our hours to think of ways to make Worqference a success as we knew that while both of them are conferences, Worqference was fundamentally different. It was a paid conference. 

After a lot of brainstorming sessions, we finally settled on our initial plans to start the marketing for the conference. As we approached November, we worked tirelessly to make Worqference a top-notch and successful event. From bringing the best speakers in the testing world into our lineup with trending industry topics to thinking on ideas for marketing, everything was in full flow. 

While we were working towards our mission of making Worqference an event full of knowledge for attendees, two of our sponsors GSPANN, our gold sponsor, and BrowserStack, our premier sponsor, showed their trust in our vision and became the first few sponsors of Worqference.

Over time, new sponsors like TestSigma, AllureTestops, pCloudy, and WittyCodes showed their support for Worqference in different sponsorship tiers.

As we got closer to 24th February, the registration numbers skyrocketed, with over 1500 professionals registering to join the event. The three-day event began on a high note with Paras as the host of this online event, setting the tone just right.

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Worqference Banner

The first session was by Raj Subrameyer, who talked about finding your next career path. It was well-received, and the chatbox was filled with excitement and engagement. The day progressed with a career-oriented session by Dhairya Gangwani with Nishi Bhat running a session parallelly on the design thinking framework.

Later in the day, Filip Hric and Siddhant Wadhwani took the stage, ending with their information-packed sessions on Cypress and API testing, respectively.

Day 2 of the Worqference happened to be on a Saturday, and the attendees were still eager to learn. Sahil Puri shared his wisdom on using mocking in API, and Sundaersan Krishnaswami demonstrated how one could perform UI and API automation. The day continued with Ajay enthralling the audience with his brilliant mental models, followed by Balaji Ponnada talking about extreme virtualization in IoT.

After these workshops, James Bach’s session on JQ testing with a special appearance by Michael Bolton made it a memorable experience. Parallelly, Siddharth Shukla helped people learn the selenium automation framework from scratch.

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Worqference Social Praises

Our social media was filled with love and appreciation from the community as we progressed towards day 3. Sumit Mundhada and Sandeep Garg demonstrated their expertise on this day, setting the stage for Rahul Parwal to talk about requirement gathering and Anna Royzman to present her Test Manager’s Workbook.

The final sessions of the day were demonstrated by Lavanya Mohan on designing a common automation framework with WebdriverIO, while Gaurav Narwani was parallelly demonstrating the nuances of pen-testing.

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Stats for Worqference

As the event came to an end, we bid farewell to our attendees and announced TribeQonf, where we will meet offline and bring learnings AFK. 

The three days of the event were exhilarating with numerous workshops, content, and constant love and support from our community. 

After the event, most of the time went into thanking the sponsors, speakers, and attendees that supported us. Because of them, once again we could deliver something that impacted lives and helped the testing community to be better. 

In conclusion, Worqference 2023 was a massive success with 1210+ attendees from 40+ countries. It was an unforgettable learning experience that will have a long-lasting impact on the testing community. 

We look forward to TribeQonf, where we will continue to provide quality learning experiences and meet our attendees offline.

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