Worqference 2023 – Testsigma

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Testsigma is an open source no-code test automation tool designed to reduce your test creation and maintenance time. The best part is that you can start building your tests on an existing testing ecosystem without the need to bootstrap one.

Think of Testsigma as a testing toolchain compiled into a single platform that lets teams implement and scale their test automation.

1. A tech stack agnostic platform that works for any application or codebase
2. Combines the robustness of closed tools with the flexibility of open source frameworks
3. Sustainable scalability without complex development

Here are some Testsigma features that help teams achieve their test automation goals better:

– Flexible test creation: You can either record your test cases using the advanced recorder or easily write them in plain English.

– Highly Customizable Tests: The tests created in Testsigma can be further customized according to your needs.

– Reusable Test Creation: Testsigma is built with features that support and encourage reusability to save your effort and time.

– Easy Debugging: The executed tests have screenshots, logs, and video recordings to enable easy debugging for you.

– Highly customizable reporting: Easily tweak your reports according to your needs.

– Built-in AI: Testsigma also has a built-in AI that automatically fixes failing test cases. It also reports test cases that are impacted by a change, thus preparing a regression test suite for you automatically.

– Visual Testing: Testsigma’s visual testing feature enables you to deliver pixel-perfect products every single time.

– Collaboration workflow: Testsigma has a built-in collaboration workflow where you can easily collaborate, review your test cases, and take your test automation to the next level.

– One-click integrations: You can seamlessly integrate Testsigma with your Dev and QA tool chains for bug tracking, collaboration, project management tools, and more, thus enabling teams to build automated delivery pipelines that deliver high-quality products.

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