Postman Mastery: Learn Advanced API Testing Techniques from basics.
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Postman Mastery: Learn Advanced API Testing Techniques from basics

What you will learn​

  • Learn the importance of API testing and explore different types of API testing in a comprehensive. introduction session.
  • Learn the ins and outs of Postman from scratch.
  • Understand HTTP methods, status codes, and handling authentication, while delving into the intricacies of request and response headers and bodies.
  • Elevate your API testing skills with advanced techniques, including scripting, setting up a mock server,  and much more.
Siddhant Wadhwani

Siddhant Wadhwani

SDET Manager, Newfold Digital


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Why should you
learn Postman?​

Do you know? API brokerage has been experienced by almost 40% of users. With growing Security concerns related to API, It becomes crucial to test your APIs to give a smooth and secure experience to your customers.

Postman is one such tool that can help you to test your APIs.

  • Postman provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced testers.
  • Postman supports testing across various platforms, including web applications, mobile applications, and microservices.
  • Postman supports automation through features like test scripts and monitors. 
  • Postman’s debugging capabilities empower testers to identify and troubleshoot issues in real-time. 

You should attend
this bootcamp if

  • You want to master API testing from basics to advanced techniques.
  • You want to switch from manual API testing to automated API testing.
  • You want to add another high-paying testing skill to your skill set.
  • You don’t have prior experience in Postman.
  • You are looking for hands-on training in API Testing with Postman.
  • You want to learn from an industry expert with community support

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Postman Bootcamp Outline


Laying Down The Foundation​

  • Introduction to API Testing

  • What is API Testing?
  • API Testing challenges and limitations
  • Types of API Testing
  • Intro to Postman – Setup & Configuration

Exploring API Testing with Postman

  • HTTP methods and status codes
  • Request and response headers
  • Request and response bodies
  • Handling authentication in API requests
  • Creating and Managing Requests in Postman
  • Postman Variables and Environment

Advanced API Testing Techniques

  • Creating and using Postman Pre-Request Script
  • Using Postman Test Scripts to validate API responses
  • Setting up Postman Mock server to simulate API responses
  • Handling dynamic responses and data-driven testing
  • API performance testing
  • API security testing

Beyond Postman Basics

  • Creating and managing test suites in Postman
  • Exporting and importing Postman Collection and environment
  • Collaborating with Postman Workspaces
  • Creating and maintaining Postman documentation
  • Troubleshooting common API testing issues

Know More About Instructor

Siddhant Wadhwani

SDET Manager, Newfold Digital

Siddhant Wadhwani is a versatile, self-directed leader with over 7 years of professional work experience in the IT industry. Currently, he is working as a Project Lead – SDET Manager at Newfold Digital, managing SDETs across several teams within APAC Engineering, while mainly focusing on Test Execution & Automation Excellence.

He has played a key role in forming the basis of test management and automation best practices within a couple of projects, and is working closely with his team now to extend those learnings across the org. 

Right from design discussions to architecture reviews, shift-left testing to in-sprint automation, adhering to code review guidelines and having a focus on non-functional areas of testing, Siddhant simply leads the way to set the best quality standards!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, This is a hands-on bootcamp with a lot of mini-activities that you will have to perform on your laptop. So, To get the best experience for the bootcamp, We will suggest joining through a Laptop/Computer.

We would suggest you install Postman and read the prerequisite document before coming to the bootcamp. The Pre-requisite document will be given once you register for the bootcamp.

Yes, For the people with Premium passes, You can get added to the Bootcamp alumni group to take guidance from the instructor and interact with your peers. 

Please contact us at [email protected] to get group discounts for your team

Yes, You can get access to the recordings later on if you have a premium pass for the bootcamp.

We will share the URL to join the bootcamp prior to the bootcamp date.

The event will be for 4 hours from 11 am IST to 4 PM IST on all days.