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Selenium Python Tutorial for Beginners

In today’s rapidly evolving software development landscape, the dependability and functionality of web applications are really important. When used in conjunction with Python, Selenium presents a sophisticated answer to many urgent issues faced in the test automation area. It effectively tackles the need for swift,…

Being a Modern Software Tester

The role of the software tester has expanded well beyond the traditional task of finding bugs. Today’s testers are pivotal in fostering high-quality, robust, and user-focused products. This comprehensive article explores the multi-faceted role of testers, emphasizing the shift towards a proactive quality mindset, technical…

Test Steps with ZeroStep and Playwright

Have you ever found yourself struggling to identify relevant selectors while writing automation test steps? Have you considered an alternative approach to crafting readable test scenarios without relying on tools like Cucumber, ensuring accessibility to both technical and non-technical stakeholders? If you’ve pondered these questions, this…

Test Automation in the AI Era: Embracing Change to Stay Ahead

In the ever-evolving landscape of software testing, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has not just been a game-changer; it’s been a paradigm shift. Test automation, once a static process, has metamorphosed into a dynamic and intelligent entity, reshaping how we approach quality assurance.  The…

Contract Driven Development and Contract Testing via Specmatic

In software development, an API-first approach has emerged as a powerful methodology for building robust and interoperable systems. An API, or Application Programming Interface, acts as a set of rules and protocols that enables different software applications to communicate with each other. It defines how…

Postman Tutorial: A Guide for Complete Beginners

Postman is one of the most sought-after tools when it comes to API testing. Whether you’re new or experienced, this tutorial simplifies API testing using Postman. We’ll cover the basics, explore testing techniques, and showcase implementable skills in this blog. This blog is derived from…

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