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Joining a New Project – What’s Next?

According to a study done by Schultz and Schwartz, work-related changes are one of many top stressful events that could happen in our life. Anything from, finding new occupations, hiring and onboarding processes, or starting a new software development process are in this bucket. If…

How to Create A Comprehensive Sanity Testing Strategy?

Products are getting complex with time and release times are getting equally shorter. The tolerance for bugs and poor quality has decreased significantly, largely due to the abundance of software products. You name a category, and there are at least 50 companies working towards it,…

TestAway Goa 2022 – An Enriching Experience

The word ‘TestAway’ had no meaning to me when the event was launched at TestFlix. Although I had an idea about TestAway through the experience shared by previous members who still are an important part of the community, It was another big event to enjoy…

Accessibility Facts You Probably Know

How Did I Get Started?  I began learning about accessibility as part of the first digital project I worked on. I found the subject fascinating and decided to keep on learning as my small way of making the world a little better for people. One…

How to Start a QA Department?

The following is a transcription of the TestFlix 2021 talk by Anna Ondrish on How to Start A QA Department. Anna is eager to help you define and promote a quality mindset throughout all aspects of Testing by working with cross-functional teams to ensure that…

Top 7 Features To Look For In A Good Test Management Tool

Test management is an important aspect of software testing. Tools for test management are used to organize testing activities, report the progress of QA activities and maintain information on how testing is done. Test management tools in software testing help teams create and manage their…

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