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Generative AI for Testers: Testing & Automation with ChatGPT and more

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Sidharth Shukla

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. While AI will not replace Testers, there is a huge need to use it in our everyday jobs.

This is not a generic course on the benefits of Generative AI and ChatGPT. It is an in-depth, practical guide for Testers where you'll learn -

  1. Learn practical uses of ChatGPT and Bard.
  2. Learn about Prompt Engineering.
  3. Use ChatGPT for Functional Testing.
  4. Using ChatGPT with Selenium, REST Assured, and Jenkins.
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Generative AI for Testers

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What you’ll learn

Generative AI
Prompt Engineering
  • What is Generative AI? How to leverage it?
  • Learn practical uses of ChatGPT and Bard
  • Use ChatGPT for Testing
  • ChatGPT with Selenium, REST Assured, and Jenkins
  • Learn about Prompt Engineering
  • ChatGPT for SDETs
  • Use 3rd Party Plugins with ChatGPT
  • Learn how to write effective and clean code using ChatGPT
  • Use ChatGPT to review your code effectively

Why you should take up this course?

  • 1 One-of-a-kind ChatGPT and Bard course for Testers
  • 2 Future-proof your career with Generative AI
  • 3 Learn from an expert MAANG Tester
  • 4 Use Generative AI with Test Automation Tools and CI/CD
  • 5 Lifetime Access
  • 6 Receive a Certificate of Completion

Course Content

15 Modules 37 Lessons
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What is Generative AI? Why should I care?

What’s the use of Generative AI? 2 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps

Is AI going to replace QA Jobs?

Why QAs should learn Generative AI? Famous tools

Setting up ChatGPT and Bard

ChatGPT Setup 2 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps

Setting up ChatGPT from Scratch

Understanding the interface and interacting with ChatGPT Setup 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

Setting up Bard from Scratch

What is Prompt Engineering All About?

Prompt Engineering – All you need to know 3 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps

What is Prompt Engineering? Why do we need to learn it?

Effective Prompt Engineering – Steps

Mastering Prompt Engineering

ChatGPT and Functional Testing

Functional Testing with ChatGPT 6 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/6 Steps

Introduction to Functional Testing with ChatGPT

How to write test case for Web Applications using ChatGPT?

Faster Defect Logging with Generative AI

API Test Case Writing with ChatGPT

Mobile Test Case Writing with chatGPT

TestData Generation with Generative AI

ChatGPT and Selenium

Introduction to Selenium with ChatGPT 3 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps

Introduction – Selenium with ChatGPT

Selenium Setup from Scratch – Demo Script using ChatGPT

Element Identification with ChatGPT

Getting Comfortable with Selenium and ChatGPT 5 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/5 Steps

Test Data with datProvider using ChatGPT

Utility Class with JSON Reader

Test Suite Design with ChatGPT

RetryListener with ChatGPT with Execution

Singleton Design Pattern Implementation with Softassertion Utility

Using ChatGPT for API Automation

API Automation using ChatGPT 8 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/8 Steps

API Setup with ChatGPT

Create Automate Test Script for GET Method