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Learn Performance Testing with JMeter

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Apache JMeter has been one of the top choices for Performance Testers for over 2 decades. It has become an essential tool for Performance Testers to know.

In this Recorded course:

  • You will learn performance Testing, JMeter
  • Receive lifetime access to lessons
  • Receive access to an industry expert with over a decade of experience
  • Receive multiple cheat sheets, and interview tips to help you prepare for interviews.
  • Receive back the entire fees paid upon completing the course.
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There are currently over 6.7K Jobs requiring JMeter available on major recruitment platforms!

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What you’ll learn

Non Functional Testing
  • What is Performance Testing? Types of Performance Testing
  • Common Interview Questions for Performance Testers
  • Performance Testing Process
  • Load Testing with JMeter
  • Load, Stress, Spike, Scalability, and Volume Testing
  • JMeter Grafana Integrations
  • Common Performance Testing problems and solutions

Why you should take up this course?

  • 1 Industry Expert with over a decade of Experience
  • 2 No prior Performance Testing experience required
  • 3 Get Job-ready with interview questions
  • 4 Receive a Certificate upon Completion
  • 5 Receive fees back on course completion

Course Content

18 Modules 30 Lessons
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Learn about Performance Testing
The basics of JMeter

Module 4 – How Performance Testing Works in Real Organizations? 5 Lessons

Module Content
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Observation and Analysis


Module 5 – Getting Started with JMeter – Introduction and Installation 2 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps

Introduction to JMeter

Installation of JMeter

Module 6 – JMeter UI – How it works and what are the important elements? 4 Lessons

Module Content
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Overview – JMeter UI

JMeter UI – Thread Groups

JMeter UI – Elements under a Thread Group

JMeter UI – Think Time and Validation

Module 7 – HTTP Request Creation and Test Script Recorders 4 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps

Simple HTTP Request Creation & Test

HTTPS Test Script Recorder – Part 1

HTTPS Test Script Recorder – Part 2

HTTPS Test Script Recorder – Part 3

Module 8 – JMeter Samplers 2 Lessons

Module Content
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JMeter Samplers – Part-1

JMeter Samplers – Part-2

Module 9 – Logic Controllers within JMeter 2 Lessons

Module Content
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JMeter Logic Controllers – Part 1

JMeter Logic Controllers – Part 2

Getting Comfortable with JMeter

Module 10 – JMeter – Listeners, Files, Assertions and Timers 4 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps

JMeter Listeners

Correlation, Parameterization and Property Files

JMeter Assertions

JMeter Timers

Advanced Features of JMeter

Module 11 – JMeter System Variables and Plugin Manager 1 Lesson

Module Content
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JMeter System Variables & Plugin Manager

Module 12 – JMeter Non-GUI Executions 2 Lessons

Module Content
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JMeter Non-GUI Executions – Part-1

JMeter Non-GUI Executions – Part-2

Module 13 – JMeter-Grafana Integration 3 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps

JMeter Grafana InfluxDB – Part-1

JMeter Grafana InfluxDB – Part-2

JMeter Grafana InfluxDB – Part-3

Load, Spike, and Concurrency

Module 16 – Performance Testing Techniques – Concurrency 1 Lesson

Module Content
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Concurrency Testing

Best Practices and Cheatsheets

Module 18 – JMeter Cheatsheet

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One Live Project on JMeter

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Interview Questions and Cheatsheets

Meet your industry-expert instructor

IMG 20210702 WA0002 Sandra John

Sandra John

Performance Engineering Lead, ZS Associates
Performance Testing Specialist 10+ Years of Experience Ex-Thoughtworker

Sandra has over 11 years of experience having worked in marquee companies like Thoughtworks and ZS Associates, and different industries like Travel, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, and the Pharmaceutical industry. She’s also been a passionate Teacher for over four years and has spoken at multiple conferences.

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This course is meant for you if:

You don't have prior experience in Load Testing

You want a Performance Testing role

You're looking for a quick refresher in Apache JMeter

You're looking for an Industry Expert

You want to learn affordably

You want to learn at your own pace

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Everything you need to know about this course.
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Who should take up this course?

Those who are looking to learn Performance Testing from scratch, besides that you get a quick refresher into Apache JMeter if you're interested.

I have no experience in Performance Testing, is this course meant for me?

Yes. This course is designed to help people with no prior experience in Performance Testing or Apache JMeter to begin their journey.

Is the course designed to help me understand how load is calculated and conduct load tests effectively?

Yes, the course is specifically designed to help you understand how load is calculated and guide you in conducting load tests proficiently. It covers essential topics such as determining the number of users, managing the amount of test data, and creating a properties file for non-GUI mode execution.

Is this course updated?

This course is updated as per the latest version of Apache JMeter (updated as of 2023) 

Will I be provided with a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes, you will be provided with a certificate upon completion of the course.

Will I receive lifetime access to the course?

Yes! You will receive lifetime access to the course.

How do I receive back my fees paid?

If you complete the course within 2 weeks and are interested in receiving your fees paid, you can send us a mail at [email protected].

Is JMeter free to use or do we need to purchase its license?

JMeter is free to use. No license purchase is required.

What is more used in the industry, JMeter or LoadRunner?

JMeter and LoadRunner are widely utilized in various industries. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, and their effectiveness depends on the specific use case and requirements at hand.

How long does it take to learn JMeter?

The learning duration for using JMeter is not fixed (as for any other tool out there). It relies on the frequency of practice and the effort put into honing your skills.

Does performance testing require coding?

Yes, performance testing often requires coding or scripting knowledge to create and customize test scenarios.

Is performance testing a skill I should focus on considering the current industry trends?

Yes, developing skills in performance testing and tools like JMeter is valuable considering the current industry trends and the increasing demand for performance testing expertise.

How much coding do I need to know before taking up this course?

No prior coding experience required.

Can I take up this course as a manual tester?

Yes, this course definitely caters to manual testers looking to upskill. No prior coding knowledge is required.


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