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Learn Performance Testing with JMeter

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[2023 Updated] Apache JMeter has been one of the top choices for Performance Testers for over 2 decades. It has become an essential tool for Performance Testers to know.

In this course, you will learn about Performance Testing, JMeter, from more basic skills like running a basic test to more advanced skills like integration with Grafana.

Receive lifetime access to lessons and access to an industry expert with over a decade of experience, multiple cheat sheets, and interview tips to help you prepare for interviews.

Receive back the entire fees paid upon completing the course.

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Learn Performance Testing with JMeter

₹ 799 ₹ 1299

What you’ll learn

  • What is Performance Testing? Types of Performance Testing
  • Common Interview Questions for Performance Testers
  • Performance Testing Process
  • Load Testing with JMeter
  • Load, Stress, Spike, Scalability, and Volume Testing
  • JMeter Grafana Integrations
  • Common Performance Testing problems and solutions

Why you should take up this course?

  • 1 Industry Expert with over a decade of Experience
  • 2 Practical Learning based on Experience
  • 3 No prior experience required
  • 4 Receive a Certificate upon Completion
  • 5 Receive fees back on course completion

Meet your industry-expert instructor

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Sandra John

Performance Engineering Lead, ZS Associates
Performance Testing Specialist 10+ Years of Experience Ex-Thoughtworker

Sandra has over 11 years of experience having worked in marquee companies like Thoughtworks and ZS Associates, and different industries like Travel, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, and the Pharmaceutical industry. She’s also bee