Introduction To GIT: From Beginner to Advanced Concepts

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Lavanya Mohan

GIT is an essential tool for any code-related field from data science to game development. Master GIT with this course that will start from the basics of Version Control Systems and GIT to more advanced features like merging and rebasing.

Learn from an Industry Expert with over a decade of experience and master GIT in a few hours.

Over 50+ Lessons and quizzes, receive a certificate of completion, live instructor access, and your entire fees back upon the completion of the course!

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Introduction To GIT: From Beginner to Advanced Concepts

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What you’ll learn

Versioning in QA
  • What is a Version Control System? Why is it used?

  • What is GIT?

  • Common GIT commands

  • Collaboration with team members on a GIT Project

  • Branching and Merging

  • Resolving Conflicts in GIT

  • Distributed GIT workflows that can be adopted on projects

  • A Bonus Section for even more features of GIT

Why you should take up this course?

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The best Educators in the Industry

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Lavanya Mohan

Director - Quality Assurance, NeoFinancial
AgileTD - Top 100 Women to Follow Industry Expert 10+ Years of Experience

Lavanya is a software professional with experience in software testing and development. In her current role as a Director of QA at Neo Financial, she is responsible for leading test strategies across the organisation. Her focus is on leadership and building high performance teams that help ship quality products which delight customers. She has given talks and conducted workshops at conferences and occasionally blogs at

Course Content

11 Modules 58 Lessons
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Introduction 3 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps

Introduction and Course Overview

Few Important Points Before Getting Started

Story – The Beginning

Installing Git 3 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps

Installing Git on Windows

Installing Git on Mac OS

Installing Git on Linux

Creating Git Repository and Pushing to Remote 7 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/7 Steps


Initializing Git Repository & Understanding How Git Thinks of Data

Adding Untracked Files to the Staging Area

Making a Commit & Details about What Happens when we Commit

Pushing Code to Remote Repository

Setup for SSH Protocol


Collaborating 4 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps

Cloning Project

Modifying and Pushing Files to Remote & A Look at the .gitignore File

Lifecycle of Status of Files in Git

Pulling Changes from Remote before Pushing

Branching In Git 8 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/8 Steps

A look at the current workflow

Branching in Git & HEAD Pointer

Pushing New Branch to Remote

Stashing Changes

Opening a Pull Request

Reapplying Stashed Changes

Merging Pull Request & Pulling Changes to Local Main Branch

Recap of Branching in Git

Merging, Rebasing, & Cherry-Picking 6 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/6 Steps

Introduction to the Current State of Repository

Merging and Pushing

Rebasing and Pushing with –force-with-lease

Fast Forward Merge

Git Cherry Pick


Resolving merge conflicts 4 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps

Resolving Conflicts During Merge

Resolving Conflicts On Rebase

What happens when we Skip Rebase?


Undoing And Amending 7 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module Content
0% Complete 0/7 Steps

Amending Local Commit

Rewriting Local History with Interactive Rebasing

Reordering Commits with Interactive Rebasing

Removing Changes from Staging Area and Working Directory

Understanding Reset Command

Reverting Commits


Distributed Workflows in Git 2 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps

Understanding Different Distributed Workflows in Git

Integration Manager Workflow in Detail

Bonus Section 13 Lessons | 1 Quiz

Module Content
0% Complete 0/13 Steps

A Note on Commit Messages

A Note on Atomic Commits

Line Ending Character Issues & Git Attributes File

Git Configurations Files Corresponding to Different Configuration Levels

Updating Default Editor to Notepad++ on Windows

Updating Default Editor to Sublime Text on Mac OS

Protocols to Transfer Data in Git

Pull vs Pull Rebase

Recovering Lost Commits using Reflog

Deleting Branches in Git

Interactively Adding Some Changes to Staging Area

Brief Note on GUI Based Tools

Getting Help in Git

Conclusion 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

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Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes, this course takes you from the very basics of Git and Version Control Systems to more advanced concepts like Distributed Git workflows that can be adopted on projects.

Will I have lifetime access to the course?

Yes. You will have lifetime access to the course.

How will this course benefit me?

This course helps you understand how to implement Version Control Systems in the form of a test automation project. You’ll find it easier to collaborate with other teams within your organization, including developers and project managers. Additionally, you’ll find it easier to track changes in test cases, test data, and other testing artefacts.

Will I receive a certificate?

You will receive a certificate upon the completion of the course.

How do I receive the entire fees back?

If you complete the course within 2 weeks of purchase, you are eligible for 100% feesback. Write to us at [email protected] for the same and we will initiate the refund.

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