“Revealing Most Important Variables To Design Better Tests”

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Robert Sabourin
Delegates will learn an important first step in any test design activity. Delegates will improve their testing abilities whether Automated or Manual; whether Exploratory or Scripted; whether Functional or Non-Functional; whether Agile or Structured.
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“Revealing Most Important Variables To Design Better Tests”

$ 61 $ 99

What you’ll learn

Test Designing
Test Coverage
Test Variables
  • Improve test diversity thus improve the ability to identify important issues EARLY
  • Identifying variables related to test objectives
  • Identify variables that are not explicitly expressed in requirements
  • Develop powerful tools to scope and focused testing
  • Develop technical collaboration skills to work effectively

Why you should take up this course?

  • 1 To learn from one of the Best in the business
  • 2 To learn how to test faster and better with well designed tests
  • 3 To understand what Test Variables are and how to identify and use them to the best
  • 4 To improve your Test Designing Skills
  • 5 To have better Test Coverage in available time

This course is meant for you if

You have no prior programming experience

you’re Changing from Manual to Automation.

you’re looking
for a Quick Refresher

You have no prior programming experience