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The Testing Game: An Exploratory Testing Session @ The Test Tribe facebook Group
Mar 23 @ 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
The Testing Game: An Exploratory Testing Session @ The Test Tribe facebook Group

Hello Tribe,

How good are your testing skills?

Gear up for an exciting Exploratory Testing Game with Mike Talks to test your testing skills.

Date and Time: March 23rd Saturday | 12 PM IST to 1:30 PM IST | FB Live on the Test Tribe Group

During this session, Mike Talks will walk you through a set of activities where you’ll attempt to test, observe and report on the status of a web site he’s built for this purpose.

Mike will lead the channel through a number of debriefs as we analyze what we’ve learned in testing each build, how we as testers should think about operating, and what we should be thinking about asking for.

How it will work:

Mike recommends everyone who wants to participate has an account on GitHub (He has a page for this exercise). Also recommended that Participants join this FB Live Session from their computer/laptop for better compatibility.

0-10 mins: Mike will demonstrate the application with it set to DEMO to show how it works, distributing the link.

10-15 mins: We test the first build  BUILD 1, people need to remain silent on their find, raising as comments on the GitHub page

15-20 mins: we have a debrief of the first build and general discussion some of which will have us look at what our requirements actually are.

20-30 mins: testing on the next 4 builds. In silence.

30-40 mins: another debrief – this time we’ll talk about the issues on builds 2 – 5. Mike will also ask people how they’d like to change the rules of the game. Mike will talk about how they do this at work

40-50 mins: a few more games

50-60 mins: a final debrief of everything

 Q & A

More details about the Game during the session.

About Mike Talks

Mike Talks is a Wellington-based tester and IT anthropologist.

He has authored several testing related books such as The Software Mine Field, The Elf Who Learned How to Test, How to Test and Oblique Testing.

Know more about Mike Talks:


 Twitter: @testsheepNZ


You can join The Test Tribe Community at

See you all live at the LIVE hour Tribe !!!

With Love,

The Test Tribe Team


AMA with Rahul Verma on “Automation: Design, Career, Ideas, Trends” @ FB Live
Mar 24 @ 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
AMA with Rahul Verma on “Automation: Design, Career, Ideas, Trends” @ FB Live

Hello Tribe!

The Test Tribe is here with another session in the AMA (Ask Me Anything) Series.

This AMA Session, we are hosting Rahul Verma [ Founder Test Mile | Testing Researcher ]

Rahul will be taking questions on “Automation: Design, Career, Ideas, Trends”.

This AMA will be a Live Facebook Session within the Test Tribe Community.

AMA Date & Time: 24th of March 2019 | Sunday | 9 PM to 10 PM.

Do not miss this amazing opportunity to get your questions answered from one of the Best in the Software Testing world, and reserve your Sunday night hour for this amazing stuff, Tribe.

About Rahul Verma

Rahul Verma is the Founder of Test Mile, CTO at Verity and Community Proxy at STeP-IN forum. He is the author of In a career spanning 15+ years, he has handled 75+ projects as an individual contributor in the space of test automation architecture, web performance engineering, web security and skilled test design. As a coach he has trained thousands of professionals on the said subjects. He has been a speaker in various conferences and forums.

Known for his practical and unified views on software testing, Rahul has been awarded with multiple Testing Thought Leadership awards.

Know more about Rahul here-



Twitter: @rahul_verma

In case you do not know what is an AMA Session:
AMA(Ask Me Anything) Session is kind of an interactive interview session where the Speaker picks and answers relevant questions asked by attendees on a pre-decided subject.

You can join The Test Tribe Community at

In case you are not on Facebook or you are there but do not want to Join the group, you can post your questions to below Google Form. We will pass on your questions to Rahul, which he will possibly try to cover during the AMA. The video will be also made live later on The Test Tribe site and Youtube channel.

Google Form URL for people not in TTT FB Group

See you all live at the LIVE hour Tribe !!!

With Love,

The Test Tribe Team

Testing Day with James Bach- Full Day Workshop on (Real) Testing @ Bangalore
Jun 25 @ 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Testing Day with James Bach- Full Day Workshop on (Real) Testing @ Bangalore

Hello Bengaluru Testers,

Here is once in a decade opportunity to learn Testing from one of the Best Tester in the world.

Yes, James Bach is doing a Full Day workshop with us this June 25th, 2019.

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who wants to excel as a Tester.
  • Anyone looking to unlearn the wrong and learn the right about Testing.
  • Test Leads, Test Managers looking to get better results from the Testing they and their team does.
  • Anyone who wants to explore the beauty of real Testing.
  • Anyone who wants to learn to Test Faster and Better.
  • Anyone who wants to Test and learn to Test better with one of the Best Tester in the world.

Event Schedule
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on 25th June 2019 | Bangalore

Event Outline:

Bring your laptop and prepare to do some real testing.

Every professional tester should be able to test a new feature that is put in front of him, regardless of whether that feature has a good spec or no spec at all. Every tester should be able to test without a script telling him what to do.

Every tester should be able to plot the test strategy and explain that strategy to his clients. Come to this workshop and be challenged to do all these things by James Bach, author of Lessons Learned in Software Testing and creator of the Rapid Software Testing methodology.

We will stop along the way to discuss methods and review your work. This will be a class for people who are serious about testing.

Among many other things, the Heuristic Test Strategy model is one of the things we’ll discuss and learn.

Learn from James how to Test Better, and Faster.

More about James Bach

James is CEO of Satisfice, Inc, company dedicated to teaching and consulting in Software Testing. He is a Founding Member of Rapid Software Testing(RST) Methodology.

He started in the Software business as a programmer. He likes programming. But He finds the problems of software quality analysis and improvement more interesting than those of software production. For him, there’s something very compelling about the question “How do I know my work is good?” Indeed, how do I know anything is good? What does good mean? That’s why He got into Software Testing, in 1987.

James is also the author of books like “Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach” and “Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar: How Self-Education and the Pursuit of Passion Can Lead to a Lifetime of Success“.

Know more about James here-


So what are you waiting for? Register NOW and be part of this possibly life-changing Event. Your journey towards real testing starts* here.


With Love,
The Test Tribe Team