About us

The Test Tribe


‘The Test Tribe’ is a community initiative started by a bunch of Passionate and Like-minded Software Testers to fill life into the Testing Community Presence in this part of World, that is India. The goal is also to add our two cents to help the Testing craft get the glory it deserves. We aim to bring the positive shift by making the needed platforms available to Testers where they can “Collaborate, Learn and Grow.” Yup, that’s our motto too.

We have worked for years as a Software Testers but have seen limited opportunities where we can get together, learn from each other or network so well that it continues adding value to our lives even after the actual meeting. Yes, no doubt quite a few people and communities are doing a superb job by trying their best to bridge this gap. But we also understand that the void is big and a lot of people need to step up so that we can wake up maximum Testers from their comfort zone and give a platform to the ones who are eagerly waiting to rock it.

One can expect The Test Tribe focus to be a lot on providing offline collaboration and learning platforms like Meetups, Hackathons, Workshops, Corporate Seminars, College level Seminars, etc. Saying that we will also try to increase our online presence whenever we feel we can create and share something worthy.

Of course, one thing we cannot survive without is your Love and Support. So keep pouring it. Join us or help us spread the awareness. Either way, it would be Great help. Happy Testing !!!

-With Love from The Test Tribe

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