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The Test Tribe Software Testing Community

‘The Test Tribe’ is proudly India’s Largest Software Testing Community, formed with a mission to co-create “Smarter, Prouder, and Confident Testers”. We aim to get virtually all the Software Testers across India under a community roof and provide them Online and Offline platforms where they can “Collaborate, Learn and Grow” together. 

The Test Tribe which was started in January 2018 in Mumbai has now grown to all metro Cities of India and is touching the Tier-II cities as well. We have so far done over 100 Software Testing Events like Software Testing  MeetupsHackathonsWorkshopsConference, TestAwayWebinarsAMAs, etc. ) across India (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Hyderabad, Chennai, Goa, Shimla, Indore) and virtually as well.

Tribal Qonf Conference we did in June 2020 was a global hit with participants from over 40 countries.

The Test Tribe is a community initiative started by a bunch of Passionate and Like-minded Software Testers to fill life into the Software Testing Community Presence in this part of World, that is India. The goal is also to add our two cents to help the Testing craft get the glory it deserves. 

We have worked for years as a Software Testers but have seen limited opportunities where we can get collaborate, learn and grow together. Our events are known for networking which goes beyond the events and attendees actually make long lasting connections.

One can expect The Test Tribe focus to be a lot on providing offline collaboration and learning platforms like Meetups, Hackathons, Workshops, Conferences, TestAway, etc along with many virtual events and a strong online community.

Even though we managed to touch lives of thousands of Software Testers and left a positive impact, we believe we have just started and have not even scratched the surface when we compare against the actual work we want to do for global software testing community. We highly recommend you to join The Test Tribe Online Community here so that we always stay connected and do many interesting things together, while we grow together. 

Last thing, in this entire journey, one thing we cannot survive without is your Love and Support. So please keep pouring it. 

Happy Testing !!!

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Read the full story about ‘The Test Tribe’ origin here.

Meet The Team

Mahesh Chikane

Founder Tribal

Paras Pundir

Community Advisor
AjayBalamurugadas (2)

Ajay Balamurugadas

Community Advisor

Shubham Karun

Mumbai City Hero
Geosley Andrades Mumbai

Geosley Andrades

Mumbai City Hero
Niraj Yadav Mumbai

Niraj Yadav

Mumbai City Hero

Hamza Bhamla

Mumbai City Hero
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Sandeep Garg

Bangalore City Hero

Arokya Samy

Bangalore City Hero
Priyabrata Das

Priyabrata Das

Bangalore City Hero
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Sumeet Panjabi

Pune City Hero

Dhanalaxmi Otari

Pune City Hero

Mansi Arora

Delhi NCR City Hero
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Saurabh Mishra

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Balaji Ponnada

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Sudhamshu Ailineni

Hyderabad City Hero

Ankireddy Sudha

Hyderabad City Hero
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Ashwin Kumar

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Ganesh Padmanabhan

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Anuradha Raman

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