Meet BrowserStack - The Test Tribe

Meet BrowserStack

BrowserStack is supporting us in bringing you the best possible community through meetups, events, and conferences.

Our Partnership with BrowserStack

For over two years, BrowserStack has played a pivotal role as our long-term partner where all our community events happen in collaboration with BrowserStack and they are also our exclusive premier tier sponsor for the conferences that we do. Their support has been instrumental in bringing top-notch conferences, meetups, and various online events to you, our valued community.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the unwavering support of our members and sponsors like BrowserStack.

BrowserStack’s commitment to quality enables us to organize informative events and provide critical networking opportunities for professionals in the software testing field. Their alignment with our vision of empowering testers has been a driving force throughout our journey together.

With BrowserStack by our side, we continue to foster a vibrant community where knowledge sharing and professional growth of testers is at its heart.

About BrowserStack

BrowserStack is the world’s leading software testing platform powering over one billion tests every day across 19 global data centres.

Over 50,000 customers, including idustry leaders such as Amazon, Paypal, Wells Fargo Bank, Nvidia, MongoDB, Pfizer, Booking .com, Warner Brothers, React JS, Apache, JQuery, and several others rely on BrowserStack to test their web & mobile apps.

BrowserStack’s mission in to enable development and QA teams to move quickly while delivering an exceptional app experience for every customer.