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Testing AI Apps :
Become a future-ready tester!

What you will learn​

  • How to test AI Applications
  • Why LLMs are crucial for AI Applications
  • Fundamentals of LLM Testing
  • Tools and Frameworks for LLM Testing (wandb, Giskard, BenchLLM, DeepEval, & LLL-Eval)
  • Evaluating and handling biases in LLMs
  • Detecting hallucinations in LLMs & handling them
  • Practical implications and case studies. 
Tony Ramchandani - Testing AI Applications

Toni Ramchandani

Vice President at MSCI Inc.


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Why Learn Testing AI Apps?

  • Future-proof your career with a skill set to be in high-demand.

  • Become an early-adapter to AI testing while it still grows.

  • Stop scratching the surface of AI and learn how LLMs work.

  • Break-free from traditional roles and adapt to modern roles in testing.

  • Stay updated with cutting-edge AI testing tools and methodologies for continuous career growth.

This Workshop is Tailored For

  • Individuals looking to get into future tech.

  • Testers who want to upskill themselves in AI Testing.

  • Leaders who see themselves working with AI in future.

  • Testers who want to leverage AI for effective testing.

  • Anyone seeking to acquire high-demand testing skills for career advancement.

  • Delegates who want to get noticed with a stand-out skill in resume.