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The Test Tribe’s Call for Volunteers for 2024

The Test Tribe's Call for Volunteers 2023

Hello Tribe! The Test Tribe completed another Year today and it is that time of year when we open our invitation to a few more passionate Testers to join our team of Volunteers. We are looking for the next Tribe Champions who want to make a positive impact in the Testing Community space, all driven by values.

This opportunity is not for the ones who just want to be seen and heard, this opportunity is for the ones who want to give back to the community first and then be assured of multifold rewards that come with time.

The Test Tribe has completed 5 Years today, have done 200+ Events in total, and have grown to be a global inclusive Testing Community. Nothing of this could have been possible without our Volunteers, or Tribe Champions as we call them. Each event’s success and each initiative’s success is backed by someone selfless efforts and drive.

You may still have a question, “Why would one be a Volunteer?” or “What opportunities do they get?”. Let us attempt to answer the same.

Being The Test Tribe Volunteer is for the ones who:

  • Want to step out of their comfort zone
  • Want to stay out of their comfort zone and keep doing new things
  • Want to learn new skills (Marketing, Designing, Content Creation, Leadership, Community Building, Event Organising, Website designing or updates, Social Media, etc.) beyond their main profession
  • Want to start fresh City Chapter of TTT
  • Want to join the exiting City Team and grow the local Community
  • Want to think of new ideas and then lead them to execution as they change lives in Community positively
  • Want to join an existing initiative and lead them to execution with the most passionate folks around (Did you know Sayali almost single-handedly made a reality? Did you know Mahathee almost single-handedly handled all the initial Engagement on our Discord Community? One can do a lot, you see? 🙂 )
  • Want to work closely with The Test Tribe Team, learn from them, and learn with them
  • Want to build their Portfolio and get rewarded in several ways and just one of that can be the better Job Opportunities
  • Want to be one of the Proud and Responsible faces of The Test Tribe Community
  • Would love the upskilling support of worth INR 45K in a Year to serious consistent Contributors and Learners, through free access to our Events, Training and Courses. This should be your last reason to apply though. (Remember what we mentioned before? Selfless giving-back.)



How will you know if you are one who would be suitable for this opportunity?

The most important part of this would be if You pass through our ‘Test of Values’. You can do this self-assessment.

Each Volunteer or Team Member of ours must possess and respect the below values to the Core:

  • Integrity: Be integral and truthful to your Work and commitment even when no one is watching. You live in accordance with your deepest values, you’re honest, and you value your word.
  • Belonging: Do you sense any belonging to the mission we are on? Do you find belonging when we say we want to help grow the entire Testing Community? Oneness. You cannot move mountains as someone who is external or is a mere passenger in this long and impactful journey we are walking. Can you get into the game and BELONG?
  • Passion: How passionately do you want to change the World around you for the better? How passionately do you do most of the things that you do on daily basis? Are you passionately into the Testing Craft or a mere passenger? No great thing possibly was ever done without passion. If you become one of us, do you see yourself contributing with utmost passion?
  • Accountability: Saying ‘Yes’ is easy, respecting that ‘Yes’ (your own word) is fulfilling, but not easy. It takes work, commitment, and Accountability. Accountability is liberating in many ways. If you are accountable, you liberate the rest of the team.
  • Quality: When you finish a task, you just finish it, or finish it with the best possible quality? Do you try to be a better version of yourself always? Do you look for the scope of improvement in whatever you do? You are a Tester, fine, but do you keep Quality as a top standard for yourself?
  • Innovation: We are known for innovative things and thinking. Do you often ask yourself questions like- “Can I do this differently? Can I do this better? Can I do something completely different and still achieve this same result?”.


WhatsApp Image 2022 01 09 at 6.07.30 PM


Are you with us so far? If the answer is Yes, we assume the ‘Value Test’ went good for you. Let’s move ahead if you answered positively.

The Skills we are looking for in our future volunteers are:

  • Good or decent communication
  • People Person
  • Empathetic
  • Values commitment
  • Self-motivated
  • Creative
  • Knows/can learn Tools around communication and Designing (plus)
  • Comfortable facing the Camera if at all needed
  • Ability to create content (plus)

We are so glad you made it this far. Final step!

Have a look at the below form, if needed again read the details we wrote above, be very sure that you want to 100% be part of the team and change things for good, give yourself more time if needed, and when completely sure, go ahead and fill below form. We will be waving at you from the other end excited to assess the compatibility of working together and make things happen. We will assess and soon contact you.

The Test Tribe Team

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The Test Tribe
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