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Accessibility Testing: Where do we start?

My first attempt to understand accessibility and how to test it started back in 2016. I was working for a company where accessibility was already an important part of the process. I was asked to perform accessibility testing on the product to determine whether we…

Snapshot Testing in the Backend

The first time I learned about snapshot testing was in the context of front-end testing. It made a lot of sense. Writing an assertion-based test to check if a component was correctly rendered as HTML is tricky. And difficulty grows with the complexity of the…

Enhancing Software Testing with Large Language Models: Navigating the Challenge of Hallucinations

Software testing is an indispensable stage in the software development lifecycle, tasked with verifying application reliability, security, and performance before deployment. This process evaluates software components to ensure they adhere to specified requirements and perform reliably under varied conditions. With applications becoming increasingly complex and…

Selenium Python Tutorial for Beginners

In today’s rapidly evolving software development landscape, the dependability and functionality of web applications are really important. When used in conjunction with Python, Selenium presents a sophisticated answer to many urgent issues faced in the test automation area. It effectively tackles the need for swift,…

Being a Modern Software Tester

The role of the software tester has expanded well beyond the traditional task of finding bugs. Today’s testers are pivotal in fostering high-quality, robust, and user-focused products. This comprehensive article explores the multi-faceted role of testers, emphasizing the shift towards a proactive quality mindset, technical…

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