A Heartfelt Note to All The Proud Testers on this Tester’s Day

Thank you note

Dear Testers,

Happy Tester’s day! 

First of all, a quick question, previous to the posts since morning, how many of us knew such a day even existed? But for some reason, it exists and we thought it’s a good time to reflect on ourselves, the Testers, and the amazing work we do.

Most, if not all of us, are accidental testers. testing was not our first choice profession, thanks to the little exposure we get in engineering colleges. The focus is always software development. Even when we picked up our first job as a Tester, within, we still wanted us to become developers, every sight of the code used to bring a glow in our eyes. We think let’s get a job first and then we will change functions. We look around when someone asks us, “You did not get a job in development?”.

Probably many of us looked down on our own self. 

But wasn’t it just a matter of time and till we figure out how beautiful our craft is?

After those initial days, we start to enjoy our craft. We meet fellow testers who guide us, mentor us, who tell us what testing is. We fall in love with analysis and detailing. We start to understand the value of our work. We start to value our work. We start to value ourselves.

Of course, we had to evolve, we are evolving and we will have to evolve in the future as well, every profession in this world has to evolve and we are no different. Today with communities around, sharing the vibe, reaching out to fellow testers, learning from them has become easy and accessible. We are living in a world filled with bonhomie and camaraderie.

Are we ready for the challenges the future will put in front of us? Well, Yes and No, but let’s keep challenges for some other day. Let today be about celebrating our craft, and ourselves.

This World Tester’s Day, celebrate your journey. Celebrate your journey of falling in love with testing. Celebrate your journey of probably looking down at yourself to valuing yourself immensely. This Tester’s Day, be proud of what you do. 

We at The Test Tribe, are proud of our community, we are proud of each one of you. As a token of respect for our Tribe and Testers around the world, we have designed this special badge on Testers’ Day. Claim your badge, show your PROUD side to the world.

Click this link to claim your badge: https://bit.ly/BeAProudTester

Spread the word, ask your friends to claim theirs.

Testing is here to stay, testers are here to stay. 

Happy Testing!

The Test Tribe Team

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About Software Tester’s Day

Let’s know some interesting facts on this beautiful day where we celebrate the software tester’s from all over the globe.

When Is International Tester’s Day Celebrated?

The international software tester’s day is celebrated on the 9th of September every year.

Who Coined the Term Bug?

Dr. Grace Hopper reported the actual case of a bug being found back on 9 Sep, 1947. This happened when a Harvard Team found an actual moth trapped in one of their machines causing a glitch on their computers. Interesting, isn’t it?

The First Ever Global Software Tester’s Day

The first ever software tester’s day is said to be celebrated back in the year 1947. It is believed that this day marks the first ever bug found on a computer.

Hopper’s Diary and the Bug

software 762486 1280

The same moth that was found in one of the machines leading to the use of term ‘bugs’ in computers today, was pasted in Hopper’s diary with a tape. You’ll often find the pictures of this diary on posted social media on software tester’s day.

Meet the best testing minds on this tester’s day. Join our discord community and connect with the people who live and breathe testing. We wish you the best in your software testing journey. 🙂 – Team Test Tribe

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One thought on “A Heartfelt Note to All The Proud Testers on this Tester’s Day
  1. “tester’s day” is a great idea IMHO… I really felt the need for software QA and Testing and made it my career after reading Boris Beizer’s books (Software Testing Techniques) while testing software that controlled a communications satellite…

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