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End-to-End testing with Cypress: All You Need to Know

Quality assurance plays an important role in ensuring quality standards are met in production applications to help reduce unexpected UX defects for end users. Therefore, it is important to ensure that QA testing becomes an integral part of every application release process. Researching for the…

Working with iOS Automation using XCUITest

The significant share held by iOS in the mobile market, comprising approximately 25–30% of the global smartphone market, underscores the necessity for robust testing methodologies to guarantee a seamless user experience, given the notable presence and popularity of iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads….

KPIs in Software Testing

We come across the buzzwords KPI and metrics in our everyday working environment. Do people contemplate these on their to-do lists to make better decisions? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the headlights of the product that could provide an accurate way of what should be…

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