28th November, 2020 | Saturday

TestFlix Global Software Testing Binge

100 Speakers | 44 Countries | 1 Global Binge

TestFlix 2020 Atomic Talks Playlist is now available on our Youtube channel!

Long Story Short!

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Hours of Binge Time

Why TestFlix?

With TestFlix we aim to create a truly global virtual stage where Software Testers from maximum possible countries can share their knowledge through pre-recorded Atomic Talks. Atomic talks by definition are meant to be small, yet Powerful and that’s the whole idea. 

Imagine the potential learning from 100 such Atomic talks weaved together. We aim to fill our Speaker list from 40+ Countries and provide their work with a global audience in the form of thousands of Testers while the audience experiences an amazing Software Testing Binge watch which goes till 15 hours and covers several timezones.

After doing Meetups, HackathonsWorkshopsTestAwaysWebinarsAMAs, and Tribal Qonf conference, TestFlix is the next big milestone for us. It gives us the opportunity to get Software Testers from across the globe on one big virtual stage. We so look forward to this. 

Sit back, relax, and binge watch as we present to you the TestFlix.

What’s in Store?

  • 100 Speakers from over 40 Countries sharing their thoughts through pre-recorded videos
  • 100 curated Atomic Talks of ~8 minutes each, weaved together for your max-learning binge watch
  • 400+ Takeaways
  • 50+ topics covered
  • Totally Free to attend. Feel free to support if you wish.
  • Networking opportunity with thousands of testers from across the globe
  • Be a part of the growing brand – The Test Tribe

When is it happening?

  • 28th November 2020 | 9 AM IST to 11:59 PM IST


Aakruti Shukla

Sr. Quality Analyst at 'Futurism Technologies' | India

Aaron Hodder

Senior Consultant at 'Assurity Consulting' | New Zealand

Adam Auerbach

VP & Co-Head of cloud DevTestSecOps Practice at 'EPAM Systems' | USA

Adam Matłacz

Project Leader at Demant | Poland

Adou Wilfried N'guettia

ERP and RPA Consultant | Zambia

Aishwarya V

Student & Freelancer | India

Ajay Balamurugadas

AVP Delivery at 'Qapitol QA' | India

Alan Page

Senior Director in Engineering at 'Unity Technologies' | USA

Alan Richardson

Software Testing consultant at 'Compendium Developments' | UK

Ali Hill

Continuous Delivery Consultant at ECS | UK

Ali Khalid

Test Architect at Emirates & Founder of 'Quality Spectrum' | UAE

Amy Jo Esser

Former Director of Quality | USA

Anand Bagmar

Software Quality Evangelist at 'Essence of Testing' | India

Anna Royzman

Founder of 'Test Masters Academy' | USA

Anuradha Biswas

Founder & CEO of 'Prakat Solutions' | India

Anwar El-Wakil

Software Developer In Test at Instabug | Egypt

Aprajita Mathur

Sr. Manager at Guardant Health| USA

Arslan Ali

QA Manager at 'HyperData Computing' | Pakistan

Ashok Thiruvengadam

Founder & CEO of STAG Software | India

Asmaa Refat Abu Al Failat

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at 10TEN | Jordan

Astrid Winkler

Senior Project Manager at 'Face AG' | Switzerland

Babatunde Oduniyi

Test Engineer at Hero | UK

Belinda Goodman

Lead Quality Assurance Engineer at SalesLoft | Georgia

Beth Marshall

Senior Test Engineer at Smoothwall | UK

Brijesh Deb

Test Manager at Sogeti | Netherlands

Carlos Kidman

Engineering Manager and Test Architect at 'Workfront' | USA

Chris Kenst

Lead QA Automation Engineer at 'Promenade Group' | USA

Christina Thalayasingam

Senior Test Engineer at 'Medidata Solutions' | USA

Deepthi K

QE Lead at Coviam | India

Dorothy Graham

Software Testing Consultant | UK

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief evangelist at Perfecto | USA

Erika Chestnut

Head of Quality Assurance at Calendly | USA

Faiz Modi

Senior Software Engineer at Mobikode Software | India

Federico Toledo

COO & Co-Founder of Abstracta | USA

Gaurav Khurana

Test Consultant at Microsoft | India

Gaurav Mahajan

Head of QA Automation at Contentserv | India

Helena Jeret-Mäe

Quality Strategist and Coach at Nevercode | Estonia

Huib Schoots

Quality Coach | Netherlands

Hür İbrahim Sakman

QA Lead at Hepsiburada | Turkey

Igor Samokys

Founder of AirDoro | Latvia

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

Managing Director at 'House of Test' | Switzerland

Ingo Philipp

Product Management & Marketing Professional | Austria

Irja Straus

Senior Quality Control Analyst at Infobip | Croatia

James Bach

CEO of Satisfice & Creator of RST | USA

James Espie

Senior Quality Specialist at UneeQ | New Zealand

Janna Loeffler

Director of Test Engineering at 'Equinox Media' | USA

Jennifer Bonine

CEO of AI AppStore, USA

Jokin Aspiazu Jensen

Fellow Tester at Voicemod | Spain

Julia Pottinger

Lead QA Consultant at 'QualityWorks Consultant Group' | Jamaica

Julie Gardiner

Head of QA at 'Testing Rainmaker Limited' | UK

Kanwarpreet Singh Khurana

Test Automation Consultant at Infosys | Norway

Karim ElKhashab

QC Manager at 'Pixelogic Media' | Egypt

Karlo Smid

Founder & CEO Tentamen | Croatia

Karthik Sundararaman

Assistant Manager at 'Johnson's controls - Hitachi Air Conditioning India ltd' | India

Kunal Ashar

QA Engineer at Xendit | Singapore

Kushan Amarasiri

Technical Specialist QE at Codehouse | Sri Lanka

Lalitkumar Bhamare

Co-Founder of 'Tea Time with Testers' | Germany

Lavanya Mohan

QA Engineer at Grab | Singapore

Lee Hawkins

Testing Consultant | Australia

Lina Zubyte

QA Manager at Doodle AG | Germany

Lingesh Suresh

Quality Assurance Engineer at 'Prepaze' | India

Luke Liu

Senior Consultant at 'Assurity Consulting' | New Zealand

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala | Finland

Mahesh M

Sr Manager at Ellucian | India

Manvi Sharma

Test Professional at 'British Telecom' | India

Mariia Hutsuk

Quality Engineering Manager at Zattoo | Germany

Mayank Dikshit

Director - QA at 'Quick Heal '| India

Melissa Tondi

Program Committee member at STPCON | USA

Michael Bolton

Developsense & Co-Creator of RST | Canada

Michelle Chua - Lagare

CEO & President of QE 360 | Philippines

Mike Lyles

Director of QA and PM at Bridgetree | USA

Mike Talks

Test Manager at Datacom | New Zealand

Nadia Soledad Cavalleri

Founder of 'Argentinian Testing Congress' | Argentina

Nina Mučibabić

QA Engineer at 'Ministry of Programming' | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Parveen Khan

Senior Test Engineer at 'Square Marble Technology' | UK

Pooja Shah

Lead Automation at MoEngage Inc. | India

Pramod Kumar

Engineering Manager at Grofers | India

Raj Subrameyer

Tech Career Coach at 'Chailatte Consulting' | USA

Ramit Kaul

Hands/Hasta at TestAIng.com | India

Reza Taati

Vp of Software Develoment at Chargoon | Iran

Rihab Loukil

Test Strategist at TestLauncher | Tunisia

Robert Meaney

Head of Testing at Glofox | Ireland

Robert Sabourin

President at AmiBug.Com, Inc | Canada

Roman Podolyan

Software Testing Contractor | Ukraine

Sahithi Gundu

QA Team Lead at DigitalTolk | Japan

Sang Bui

Founder of 'Test Mentor' | Vietnam

Schalk Cronjé

Director of Iota SL | Andorra

Sérgio Freire

Head of Solution Architecture at Xpand IT | Portugal

Shailesh Gohel

QA Practice lead at ‘Anblicks’ | India

Sharon O'Boyle

Software Tester at IBM Security Division | Ireland

Shmuel Gershon

Test Engineer at Mobileye | Israel

Shrinivas Kulkarni

Software Tester | India

Siri Murthy

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at MoEngage Inc. | India

Smita Kelkar

Quality and Compliance Principal Officer at 'Mendix CTO' | India

Soumya Mukherjee

VP - Engineering at Morgan Stanley | India

Suci Istachotil Jannah

Head of Test Automation at Moka | Indonesia

Sumit Mundhada

Automation Test Lead at 'Vodafone _VOIS' | India

Sundaresan Krishnaswami

Test Architect at IBM | India

Sunny Sachdeva

QE Tech lead at GSPANN Technologies | India

Thanh To

Software Engineer & Product Expert at Katalon | Vietnam

Thomas Haver

Test Automation Architect | USA

Tomasz Konieczny

Sr. QA Engineer at Ro | Poland

Vaishali Desarda

Technical Test Lead at Infosys | India

Vijeta Tiwari

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at 'Svitla Systems' | Mexico

Vikas Mittal

Global President at Xebia | India

Vinayak Titti

Test Automation Engineer at 'AXA Insurance' | Malaysia

Zeger Van Hese

Owner of Z-Sharp | Belgium


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Call for atomic talks

This is your opportunity to be one of the hundred Speakers from across the globe and share your thoughts with a global audience of thousands of Software Testers. 

The idea is to select the best possible 100 Atomic Talks and structure them together for a truly global Software Testing Binge watch. 

While our preference would be to give opportunity to Testers from as many countries as possible, the talk quality would be assessed as well, of course. If there are more submissions than what we can accommodate in this edition, those submissions will get considered by default for our future suitable events, with the same or different topic as per Speaker’s wish.

We will go FCFS basis. Hurry up.


About The Test Tribe

The Test Tribe is proudly India’s Largest Software Testing Community. Founded in January 2018 with a goal to get virtually all Testers across India under a community roof, where they can Collaborate, Learn, and Grow together. 

So far we have hosted 110+ online and offline events for Testers across India and the globe, and are bringing positive change in the lives of thousands of Testers through our online and offline community interactions with Testers.

Check out our upcoming Events list here

Join thousands of other Testers in the community, here

frequently asked questions

Q: TestFlix will have live talks or recorded?

A: TestFlix will have 100 pre-recorded Atomic Talks weaved together to make one amazing binge.

Q: What is the duration of the event?

A: Duration of the event would be around 14-15 hours covering multiple time zones.

Q: Will session recording be shared with participants?

A: Yes, event recording will be shared with all participants within a couple of weeks after the event.

Q: How can I support this event?

A: -You can bring in your testing peers to register for the event and join The Test Tribe community.
– You can spread the word on social media using the hashtag #TestFlix and tag us.
– You can support Testflix by making donations using ‘Addons’ section at the bottom end of Attendee Registration form.

Q: When do i get event joining instructions?

A: Event link and instructions will be shared with registered participants 2 days prior to the event

Q: I want my entire team to attend, is there a way to do bulk registrations?

A: You can share the list of participants with First Name, Last name, Email address, Country, Organisation, Designation with us at  [email protected] and we will bulk register your teams.

Click here if Registration popup does not open on clicking the above button.

Have a question or an enquiry? Write to us at contact[at]thetesttribe.com 

Visit main Site here