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Our extraordinary speakers

Rahul Verma

Senior Consultant and Coach - Automation, Security and Performance at Trendig

Gomathi Ramalingam

Head of QA at Simba Chain

Subhash Kotra

QA Automation Lead at Tide

Vandana Verma

Security Relations Leader at Synk


Head of Enterprise Modernisation (IME) at Thoughtworks

Naman Kapoor 1

Naman Kapoor

STE-Automation at Google

Nagabhushan Ramappa

Nagabhushan Ramappa

Head of Product Reliability at Jio

Animesh Subham

Animesh Subham

Senior QA Manager at Jio Tesseract

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Architects, Technical Staff,
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QonfX 2024 topics

Panel Discussion: AI's Impact on Testing, Tester Roles, and Tester Readiness

by Rahul Verma, Navin Nair & Nagabhushan Ramappa

In this insightful session, industry experts will discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed the way software testing is conducted. The discussion promises to unravel the complexities and opportunities presented by AI-driven testing environments by offering real-world examples of AI applications and discussing the changing role of testers in the AI era. This is an interactive discussion that will provide an overview of how software testing will evolve in the age of AI …

AI in Testing - A Perspective on Possibilities

by Rahul Verma

Generative AIs have gained a lot of attention and popularity, pretty quickly. This is only going to head in a forward direction in terms of their reach and the interest they generate. Applications of AI have become more and more approachable for otherwise AI-ignorant people like myself. Having access in the form of prompting to an otherwise complex model of models, is just the beginning. Beginning of something beautiful in testing? Beginning of a new form of chaos in an already chaotic field of.. 

Beyond the Block: Pioneering the Future of Blockchain Testing

by Gomathi Ramalingam

As blockchain technology continues its dynamic evolution and gains wider acceptance across various industries, it’s clear that testing approaches need to evolve too. The future of blockchain testing extends far beyond simply examining the core blockchain network itself. It requires a broader perspective that encompasses the entire ecosystem surrounding blockchain solutions – including applications, platforms, integration points, and tokenisation capabilities crucial for..

Embracing the Future: Automation and SDETs in an AI-driven World

by Subhash Kotra

Automation has long been a cornerstone of software development, empowering teams to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and enhance product quality. However, with the advent of AI, automation is poised to ascend to unprecedented heights. We’ll explore how AI-powered automation tools are revolutionizing traditional testing methodologies, enabling organizations to achieve unparalleled levels of speed, accuracy, and scalability in their testing processes..

Deep Dive into AI Security

by Vandana Verma

Explore how AI-powered coding tools can accelerate your project delivery while also posing security challenges. Join us for an engaging session where we’ll leverage GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT to swiftly develop a demo app and then demonstrate how the generated code may be susceptible to exploitation. Gain an understanding of AI’s role in development and prevalent security risks associated with AI-generated code. Utilize GitHub Copilot to construct..

Surfing the AI Wave: Embracing Generative AI in Development and Testing

by Navin

As generative AI reshapes our industry, we stand at the brink of a major shift where coding and testing evolve beyond traditional methods. This talk will unveil how GenAI solutions are becoming integral to the software development life cycle, reducing manual effort and paving the way for innovation. We’ll explore the latest trends where generative AI tools assist in tasks like debugging,….

Evolution of Testing Functions - A front row view.

by Naman Kapoor

This talk will begin at how is testing and roles like SDET viewed today. They can write Test Strategy, Test cases, know a bunch of tools, write automation test cases. Then we will deep dive into what from this list can be done by AI and what cannot be done by AI. If it can be done by AI, is the expected output same as a Human. Subsequently, we will move to how the future of Testing is going to look like, we will discuss on things like Shift Left, Pyramid of Testing, ….

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Frequently Asked Questions

QonfX will have the Speakers addressing through live sessions.

Duration of the software testing event would be around 7-8 hours covering multiple time zones.

Yes, event recording will be shared but probably only after 3-4 Weeks after the event.

Event link and instructions will be shared with registered participants 2 days prior to the event.

You can bring in your testing peers to register for the event. You can spread the word on social media using the hashtag #QonfX and tag us.

You can share the list of participants with First Name, Last name, Email address, Country, Organisation, Designation with us at  [email protected] and we will bulk register your teams.

QonfX is an online international test conference, where we have 10 global speakers from various top IT companies, who will be talking on Future of Testing.

Yes, the whole event will be in Virtual mode, so you can enjoy and learn at the same time from the comfort of your own place.

In this online testing conference, various themes related to Software testing are covered, like – AI/ML, Blockchain, Web 3.0, 5 G and many more.

Test Engineers, Developers, Test Leads, Test Directors, Test Architects, CTOs, CEOs, CS IT Students, Founders, everyone can attend this international software testing conference, to grow their knowledge.