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Ralf Roeber

Founder, Cometa

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You are checking something ultra-special. Nothing like this exists on the Internet.

On-Demand Courses

Recorded Courses from World’s top Experts.
Comes with consistent educator and community access.

You get access to full course library of our Thrive EdSchool platform.

Generative AI for Testers
Selenium with Java
Performance Testing with JMeter
Security Testing Mastery
Performance Testing Gatling FC Home
Core and Advanced Java FC Home
Learn JavaScript from Scratch
Software Testing for Freshers
TestNG from Scratch
Rest Assured
Agile in Testing
Cracking your Dream Job
Learn Playwright with TypeScript
API Testing with Postman
Appium 2.0 with Java
Introduction To GIT
Python from Scratch 

WebDriver IO with JavaScript WebDriver IO with JavaScript
variables in test design
API Testing and Automation with AI Track
Full Stack Automation Track
Mastering Automation Track
Non-Functional Testing Track
Performance Testing Track
Programming Track
Web and API Automation Track
Web Automation and AI Track

Live Trainings

Learn through Live training with global peers.
Interactive learning and doubt solving at its best.

Free access or exclusive discounts to our live Workshops and Bootcamps.

Selenium with Java
Testing AI Apps
Playwright with Typescript
Cypress Automation Testing
Design Patterns for Testers
Mobile Testing with Appium
Performance Testing with Jmeter
Web Security Testing
Designing Test Automation
API Testing with Postman 1

AI Ready Masterclasses

Masterclasses designed to teach you everything from the basics of AI to its application in Testing to testing the AI.

Monthly AI Masterclasses. Remove fear of AI. Ride the opportunity instead.

Tools for AI Development
Introduction to AI
Exploratory Data Analysis
Traditional AI
Deep Learning & Neural Networks
Transformer Models
Generative AI
Outputs of AI
Creative Applications of AI
Recommendation Systems
Problems and Risks with AI

360° Growth Masterclasses

To succeed you need a lot of supplementary skills as well. This series is designed to solve exactly that for you.