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Appium Workshop
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Workshop Outline

DAY  1

Session 1 – Introduction to mobile automation & Appium

  • Overview of mobile automation testing

  • Introduction to Appium: What is it and how does it work?

Session 2 – Setting up the environment

  • Installation of required software: Java, Android/iOS SDK, Appium

  • Configuration of environment variables

  • Setting up Android Emulator/iOS Simulator
    Installing Appium Inspector

  • Verify the installation

Session 3 -Appium architecture

  • Understand the client-server architecture.

  • How Appium interacts with mobile devices.

Session 4 – Appium configuration

  • Understand Desired Capabilities

  • Create basic Appium configuration

  • Connect real device / emulator

Session 5 – Locators & UI Elements

  • Understand Appium Inspector & it’s usage

  • Define desired capabilities within

  • Appium inspector to launch app under test for inspecting elements

  • Identify mobile elements (XPath, ID, Class Name, Accessibility ID etc)

  • Locate elements using different locator strategies.

  • Interact with UI elements using Appium Inspector

Session 6 – Writing your first Appium test script 

  • Create a Maven/Gradle project for Appium

  • Run the test on a device/emulator

  • Write basic script to launch the app using java

  • Define desired capabilities for emulator / real  device using java

DAY  2

Session 1 – Handling Mobile Gestures 

  • Swiping, tapping, scrolling, and other gestures

  • Multi-touch interactions

  • Simulating device orientation

Session 2 – Handling Android and iOS Platform 

  • Writing tests that work on both Android and iOS  platforms.

  • Platform-specific configurations.

Session 3 – Debugging & Appium Challenges 

  • Troubleshooting common issues

  • Troubleshooting session 

  • Handling test failures

Session 4 – Best Practices and Next Steps 

  • Best practices for writing maintainable test  scripts

  • Code organization and reusability

  • Providing additional resources for self-study

  • Summary of key takeaways

  • Exploring advanced topics and resources for  further learning

  • Open floor for participants’ questions

Session 5 – Getting started with Appium 2.0  [BONUS MODULE]

  • Changes of Appium 2.0

  • Installing Appium 2.0

  • Installing Appium 2.0 drivers

Session 6 – Parallel Testing and Cloud Services [BONUS MODULE]

  • Running tests in parallel for faster execution

  • Integrating Appium with cloud platforms

  • Overview of cloud-based mobile testing  services

About Instructor

Hitesh Prajapati
Hitesh Prajapati

Test Automation Architect

Experienced Automation Testing Leader | Driving Innovation and Efficiency in Test Automation

Passionate about leveraging advanced automation strategies to drive quality, efficiency, and innovation in software testing. Experienced in leading cross-functional teams, developing cutting-edge solutions, and fostering growth within the organization. Let’s connect and collaborate to elevate your automation initiatives to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There will be hands-on activities involved. 

Nothing as such. We will share URL to join the workshop prior to the workshop date.

Yes, our speaker is friendly and love to help Testers. You can freely contact him for any guidance.

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Please drop us an email stating about the problem and how badly you want to attend this and we may help 🙂

Yes, you will receive notes/cheat-sheet.

Yes, post Covid19, we can explore the possibility. Please drop us an email at [email protected].

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