Mobile Testing Live Training Workshop using Appium
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Jumpstart Your Mobile Testing Journey with Appium Training

What you will learn​

  • Master setting up Appium for Android/iOS testing.
  • Craft efficient, maintainable scripts with Appium and Java.
  • Handle mobile gestures and interactions expertly.
  • Write tests for both Android and iOS compatibility.
  • Identify & Solve common mobile automation testing issues at Instant.

Hitesh Prajapati

Hitesh Prajapati

Test Automation Architect, PMC Retail


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Explore The Workshop

Why should you learn Appium?​

Appium is a powerful tool designed to automate mobile app testing, ensuring an outstanding user experience. 

  • Supports Android and iOS, automates processes & saves significant time and effort.

  • Free, open-source, and widely adopted, making it cost-effective and community-supported.

  • Enables testing on real devices, ensuring accurate results under real-world conditions.

  • User-friendly interface and supports popular programming languages for scripting flexibility.

You should attend
this training if

  • Boost your potential earnings, with mobile tester salaries ranging from 6L to 26L.

  • Transition from manual to automated mobile testing.

  • Acquire a high-demand testing skill to enhance your career prospects.

  • Start from scratch with no prior experience in Mobile Automation Testing.

  • Gain hands-on training in mobile testing using Appium.

  • Learn from an industry expert and benefit from community support.

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Appium Training Workshop Outline


Laying Down The Foundation​

  • Overview of mobile automation testing

  • Introduction to Appium: What is it and how does it work?

Exploring Appium Mobile Testing

  • Setting up the environment
  • Appium architecture
  • Appium configuration
  • Locators & UI Elements
  • Writing your first Appium test script

Appium Strategies & Debugging

  • Handling Mobile Gestures
  • Handling Android and iOS Platform
  • Debugging
  • Appium Challenges
  • Best Practices and Next Steps
  • QnA

Beyond Appium Basics

  • Getting started with Appium 2.0 
  • Parallel Testing and Cloud Services 

Know More About Instructor

Hitesh Prajapati

Test Automation Architect, PMC Retail

Hitesh is a seasoned automation professional with over 7.5 years of experience, specializing in engineering robust automation strategies across a wide range of platforms. Proficient in an array of automation tools and programming languages, he excels in crafting scalable and efficient automation frameworks.

Hitesh is not only a leader and mentor within the industry but also a recognized public speaker, leveraging his expertise to elevate automation proficiency and drive team achievements. 

Hitesh is known for his exceptional leadership skills and has conducted Selenium workshops for Agile Testing Alliance, known as “selenium-bootcamp.” He has also delivered presentations at prestigious events such as AgilityToday and ATAGTR. Additionally, he serves as an esteemed Advisory Board Member for CP-SAT, a testament to his influence in the field.

What’s in store for you?

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Intensive 2-Day Training

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Live Q&A Session

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One Live Project on Appium


Access to Alumni group
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Appium Cheatsheets and More

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