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Cracking your Dream Job - Become Employable, Get Hired

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Dhairya Gangwani

There are thousands of posts about people not being able to find a job, however, we fail to ask ourselves - Why?

Millions of freshers and professionals are not employable - not due to a lack of hard skills, but because they don't work on aspects related to Resumes, Linkedin profiles, Interviews, and their personal brand.

In this course, Dhairya Gangwani, who has helped thousands crack their dream job will teach you -

  • The skills to get your dream job
  • Employability even during recessions
  • Crafting the perfect resume (with templates)
  • Learning how to beat the systems used by HR
  • How to truly be prepared for interviews?
  • Build a name for yourself - in any industry through your personal brand

This course is designed to help you the very next day. Just hard skills are not enough anymore, it's time to step up and become employable!

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Cracking your Dream Job – A Course to get you hired today!

1199 1299

Access this and 23 other courses along with AI Masterclasses, 1-1 Mentoring, and more.

Join Finer Circle 833 INR / Month. Billed Annually.

What you’ll learn

ATS-Proof Resumes
Recession-Proof Linkedin
Interview Prep
  • Crafting the perfect resume
  • Beating Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Writing relevant, unique cover letters
  • Optimizing each section of Linkedin
  • Acing Group Discussions for any topic
  • Perfecting your Interview Prep
  • Ensuring your Cold Email is read
  • Building your Personal Brand

Why you should take up this course?

  • 1 Dhairya has helped thousands of job-seekers
  • 2 Several Hours of Practical Content
  • 3 Improve your Linkedin Profile alongside the Educator
  • 4 Resume Templates, Guides and more
  • 5 Doubt Solving with the Educator
  • 6 Receive a Certificate of Communication

Course Content

14 Modules 44 Lessons
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Welcome to the Course
Step 1 - Cracking the Resume

Module 1 (a) – The Art of Resume Building 4 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/4 Steps

An Introduction to CVs and Resumes

What is the difference between a Resume and a CV?

Types of Resumes

Importance of Resumes – Why are they still relevant?

Module 1 (b) – Beating the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) 2 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps

What is an ATS?

How to beat the ATS?

Module 1 (c) – Video Resumes 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

Video Resume – What is it? and Tips to Perfect it

Module 1 (d) – Crafting the Perfect Cover Letter 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

What goes into Creating the Perfect Cover Letter?

Step 2 - Ensuring your Linkedin Profile gets noticed

Module 2 (a) – LinkedIn Profile Optimization 8 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/8 Steps

Introduction to the Module

Brushing up your Linkedin Banner

Making your Linkedin Headline stand-out (and SEO-friendly)

Linkedin Featured Section – What is it? How to improve it?

Acing the About Section in Linkedin

Experience Section

Education, Licenses and Certification

Project, Skills, Recommendations and More

Module 2 (b) – Content Creation on Linkedin 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

How to start creating content on Linkedin?

Step 3 - Cracking Group Discussions and Personal Interviews

Module 3 (a) – Acing Group Discussions 5 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/5 Steps

Introduction to the Module

Purpose of Group Discussions

Categories of Group Discussions (and how to approach them)

Phases of GDs

Do’s and Dont’s in a Group Discussion

Module 3 (b) – Succeeding at Personal Interviews 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

The Interview Masterclass

Step 4 - Networking the Right Way as a Job-Seeker

Module 4 (a) – How to effectively network to land the right opportunities? 2 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/2 Steps

Introduction to Networking and Getting Started with Networking

Why should you Network?

Module 4 (b) – Cold Outreach through Emails 3 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/3 Steps

Getting the Subject Line Right

Ensuring the Correct Language, Tone and Structure

Cold Outreach through Emails – Ensuring your mails have a high open rate

Step 5 - Ensuring that you Communicate the right way

Module 5 – How to build on Effective Communication Skills to excel in your career? 7 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/7 Steps

Communication, Effective Communication and Business Communication

The Characteristics of Effective Business Communication

Types of Business Communication and Why Communication Fails?

Importance of Effective Communication

7C’s of Effective Communication and Improving your Communication

Barriers to Communication and Overcoming them

Tips to Make Better Presentations at Work

Step 6 - Building Brand 'You'

Module 6 – Leveraging Social Media for Personal Branding as a Jobseeker 8 Lessons

Module Content
0% Complete 0/8 Steps

Introduction to the Module

The State of Content Creation today

Types of Content

Hacks for Boosting Your Social Media

Your Content Strategy

What is a Personal Brand?

Why Create a Personal Brand?

Establishing your Personal Brand

Concluding the Course (and a few Resources)

Conclusion 1 Lesson

Module Content
0% Complete 0/1 Steps

Conclusion to the Course and Thank You!

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Meet your Industry-expert Educator

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Dhairya Gangwani

Founder, Dhairya Decodes
Trusted by 100,000+ Passionate Educator Career Coach

Dhairya is a professional career coach who through her company – Dhairya Decodes has helped thousands of job-seekers crack their dream roles at the top companies in the world. Additionally, she is trusted by over 50+ corporates and startups to aid their employees in setting up their own personal brands. Dhairya is followed by 100,000+ people across the world for her cutting insights on employability and the content that she creates. She has delivered over 400+ talks in the space and is sure to aid you in cracking your dream job.

Check this course out if:

You're seeking a better professional life

Your resume isn't making it past the first round

You want to crack any interview or group discussion

You want an Expert Educator

You want to learn affordably

You want to learn at your own pace

Get a Certificate
of completion

We’re glad to offer you a certificate of completion for our ‘Cracking your dream job’ course as a proof of your commitment to learning.

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Everything you need to know about this course.
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Who is the Educator? Why should I trust her?

Dhairya Gangwani is an expert career coach who has helped 1,000+ students and professionals directly, spoken at hundreds of events as an expert, and trusted by over 50+ corporates, startups, and colleges for improving employability and building personal brands. Her content on Linkedin is followed by over 100,000+ people.

Why should I buy a course based on soft skills?

There are several thousand people who have benefitted by learning Dhairya’s content. Oftentimes, we focus on our hard skills and believe that it will be enough to get us employed. However, in order to land our dream job in an age of social media and personal brands – we need to put in the effort to work on our soft skills. If you’re finding it difficult to find a job despite putting in hours on your hard skills, it’s time to consider this course.

Will this course really benefit me?

You can begin by having a look at your Linkedin profile. Is it at the level of the people who are at the top of your field?

Are you aware of what Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are and can your resume beat the ATS to go through the next round? If you would like to get templates that can beat such systems and create a resume that is perfect for you, we encourage you to go through this course.

Will I receive a Certificate upon Completion?

Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion.

Will I receive lifetime access to the course?

Yes. Once you purchase the course, it is yours to keep.

Who should take up this course?

This course is for anyone interested in going for their dream job, negotiating a better salary, achieving better work-life balance, and improving their lives for those and their loved ones by improving their professional lives.

If you’re stuck in your career, facing issues in finding a job, or just want to stay on top of your game, this course is for you.

Is this course updated?

Yes. This course is updated as of March 2024. It will go through periodical updates.


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