Strategies for Testing GenAI Applications: Leveraging PromptTools and the RAGAs Framework

by Navin Nair, Head of Enterprise Modernisation (IME) at Thoughtworks

About Topic

About Topic

This workshop is tailored for QA professionals and testers in the GenAI field. It will provide a comprehensive guide to using PromptTools and the RAGAs framework for robust testing methodologies.

  • Understanding of specialized testing needs for GenAI applications.
  • Skills to utilize PromptTools for prompt creation and validation.
  • Knowledge of the RAGAs framework for evaluation of RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) systems. Ability to integrate and apply both tools in testing pipelines.
  • Enhanced capability to conduct comprehensive quality assessments of GenAI applications.

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Navin Nair

Head of Enterprise Modernisation (IME) at Thoughtworks

Navin is an experienced technologist with primary focus on building business-relevant digital products and solutions. He brings with him more than two decades of experience as a developer, architect, engineering/innovation lead, technical program manager, practice lead etc. He is passionate about building scalable distributed systems leveraging cloud, data, IOT, wearables, mobile tech, AI/ML and partnering with customers on their digital journeys as they scale their tech to support their business. In Thoughtworks, Navin is a Market Technology Partner responsible for technology delivery.

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