The Testing Lab

by Ajay Balamurugadas, Senior Director - QE at GSPANN Technologies

About Topic

About Topic

The fundamentals of software testing are rarely discussed in detail. As an industry, many of us are obsessed with automation and now, slowly with GenAI in Testing. A solid understanding of testing and a focus on testing skills helps any tester get the best out of various tools and techniques. 

This hands-on testing lab is designed to test you with many exercises throughout the software testing lifecycle. We will start with mini-exercises on requirement analysis, modeling an application, quick learning, test design, test execution, tools, and utilities and finally wrap it up with test reporting. At the end of the mini-exercises, we will debrief on better approaches to each exercise and apply all the learning on a mock application.

Participants are encouraged to participate in all the exercises with their current knowledge and fearlessly make mistakes so that they don’t repeat them at work. Based on the experience of working with hundreds of testers across a variety of contexts, our instructor Ajay will share feedback after each exercise. Look forward to receiving critical feedback, tips, and cheat sheets as part of this intensive testing lab. 

Key TakeAways: