Build Your Own Toolkit: Master Your Testing Universe

by Rahul Parwal, Specialist at ifm engineering

About Topic

About Topic

The workshop will start with an introduction to the concept of tools, and toolkits, and an exploration of the diversity of tools available to testers. This will be followed by how to research and collect these tools effectively, how to utilize available toolkits, and how to build your own toolkit, empowering participants to customize their toolsets according to their unique needs.

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Rahul Parwal

Specialist at ifm engineering

Rahul Parwal is an Expert Software Tester. He is a recipient of the prestigious Jerry Weinberg Testing Excellence Award.

Rahul is an avid reader, blogger, and conference speaker who likes to share his thoughts on various social media platforms. Recently, he has also been inducted as a LambdaTest Spartan, & a Browserstack Champion for his work in the field of software testing. Presently, he works as a Senior Software Engineer with ifm engineering in India.

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Ultimate Productivity Toolkit

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