Building Automation Framework from Scratch

by Kunal Ashar, Senior QA

About Topic

About Topic

Many of us know the basics of automation, like creating checks, fixing scripts, etc. However, when it comes to describing and building frameworks, we’re often hesitant.

This session is all about facing and solving that challenge. We’ll explore the ins and outs of building frameworks together, addressing a significant challenge that many of us encounter. My aim is to make framework building less scary by breaking down this big problem and finding simple solutions.

How will we achieve this?

  1. I’ll share a git repository with a basic script (automated checks) written using Selenium, Java, and TestNG
  2. We’ll identify the problem(s) and devise a solution for each.
  3. We’ll iterate on step 2 until all problems are addressed, ensuring we are content with the final solution.

And in no time, by the conclusion of this session, we’ll possess a functional framework!

Key TakeAways:

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