Workshop onBuilding Automation Framework from Scratch | Worqference 2024 | Software Testing Workshop

Building Automation Framework from Scratch

by Kunal Ashar, Senior QA

About Topic

About Topic

Many of us know the basics of automation, like creating checks, fixing scripts, etc. However, when it comes to describing and building frameworks, we’re often hesitant.

This session is all about facing and solving that challenge. We’ll explore the ins and outs of building frameworks together, addressing a significant challenge that many of us encounter. My aim is to make framework building less scary by breaking down this big problem and finding simple solutions.

How will we achieve this?

  1. I’ll share a git repository with a basic script (automated checks) written using Selenium, Java, and TestNG
  2. We’ll identify the problem(s) and devise a solution for each.
  3. We’ll iterate on step 2 until all problems are addressed, ensuring we are content with the final solution.

And in no time, by the conclusion of this session, we’ll possess a functional framework!

Key TakeAways:

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About Speaker

Kunal 1

Kunal Ashar

Senior QA

Kunal is a Senior QA and brings over a decade of testing and automation expertise, primarily in fast-paced product-based environments. As a passionate Automation Enthusiast, Kunal excels in crafting sustainable frameworks for Continuous Integration, utilizing open-source tools to provide prompt feedback to businesses.

Kunal finds joy in sharing his extensive knowledge, having successfully trained over 500 Software Testers and Developers in testing and automation within and outside his organization.

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Workshop on Load Testing for Testers | Worqference 2024 | Software Testing Workshop
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Key Takeaways: - Understanding and importance of Load Testing - Overview of popular distributed load testing tools – Apache JMeter - Importance of designing realistic test scenarios. - Explanation of distributed testing architecture - How to interpret test results and identify bottlenecks. - Tips for optimizing tests and improving efficiency.

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Sandra John

Specializing in problem solving and their techniques. New problems to identify and test them have always interested me and I am always on the lookout for it. I have practiced advanced manual testing practices and am well versed in not only following them but also creating and establishing QA practices in projects. From Test Planning, Test Case Writing, Test Prioritization, Defect Identification, Defect Priority, Root Cause Analysis to Sprint Retrospective, I have been an active participant in all. Along with QA related activities, I have been an active part of Sprint Planning, by playing the role of a Product Owner on a project. So defining of acceptance criteria, setting expectations for the project is something I have a good hold on. I have been a core member, who started the development of Automation Framework in projects for various types of applications. These frameworks are being used to design automated test cases. I’ve used Java, Selenium WebDriver, Cucumber, SQL, AWS IoT Manager to design these frameworks and test cases for Web and IoT based applications. Performance testing is also a field that interests me, and have actively studying and learned about it, to advance myself in it. I believe that along with being updated with technological advances like automating test cases, core values of testing should not be forgotten.

Gender: Female

Job Title: Software Performance Engineering Lead at ZS