Must-have Chrome extensions for Software Testers

best extensions for software testers

For software testers, Chrome Extensions are a real-time saver. Not only do they increase testing efficiency, but they also make life simpler for testers.

 A variety of extensions for Chrome are currently available, and these extensions are intended to make testing Chrome apps as easy for you as possible. 

Here is a solid collection of helpful Chrome extensions for you to explore. Let’s dig in!

BrowserStack Accessibility Toolkit


This Chrome extension helps developers and testers identify and resolve various accessibility issues efficiently.  Key features include:

  • Workflow scanner: Interact and test webpages and user workflows using the active scanner.
  • Assisted test: Identify issues for advanced user interactions like keyboard navigation.
  • Screen reader launcher: Use the launcher to test websites with a screen reader across Mac, Windows, and Android. 
Window Resizer 

Window Resizer

This extension resizes the browser’s window to simulate different display resolutions. Using this tool, web designers and developers can test website layouts and designs on multiple browser resolutions without personally accessing those devices. Moreover, this extension allows you to customize global key shortcuts, export and import settings, and more!

Check My Links 

check my link

Check My Links is a link checker that scans through your webpage and looks for broken links. Check My Links analyzes all the links on a page and highlights which ones are valid and which are broken. Also, with one click, you can copy all the broken links to your clipboard!

Awesome Screenshot  

Awesome screenshot

Among software testers, Awesome Screenshot is the most popular screen capture tool. This Chrome extension is the most-rated screen capture & image annotation tool that allows you to capture parts or all of a web page. Moreover, the one-click upload feature allows you to add annotations, and comments, blur sensitive information, and share!



The PerfectPixel software enables developers and markup designers to put a semi-transparent image overlay over the developed HTML code and compare them pixel by pixel. Some of its features include: 

  • Multiple layers support
  • Layer inversion and scaling
  • Minimalistic easy-to-use UI


If you’re not already familiar with Grammarly, it is a great tool for proofreading texts anytime, anywhere. Grammarly detects spelling and grammatical errors while you write and highlights them without leaving your browser. This allows you to improve your writing and ensure that your words are appropriate.

Bug Magnet


A popular Chrome extension for software testing, Bug Magnet is an excellent way to find bugs. Some of its features include:  

  • Convenient access to common boundaries
  • Works on multi-frame pages
  • Open-source and customizable
  • Tiny overhead per page

You can learn more about Bug Magnet from the Ultimate Productivity Toolkit, an ebook by Ajay Balamurugadas and Rahul Parwal. 

Clear Cache


With Clear Cache, you can quickly clear your cache without any confirmation dialogs, pop-ups, or other annoyances. On the options page, you can choose exactly what and how much data you would like to clear, including your app cache, your cache, your cookies, your downloads, and more! 

WAVE evaluation tool 

Wave evaluation tool

An accessible web evaluation tool that provides valuable advice and insights on the subject. The tool facilitates human evaluation and enables software users to be aware of accessibility issues within their web applications. It provides visual feedback rather than detailed reports, and it also marks inaccessible parts of the website with icons and indicators. Know more about accessibility testing on our Youtube Playlist for Accessibility Testing. 



Loom is the fastest, easiest way to record content and stay connected with your team. Whether you’re screen recording a product demo, giving feedback, or sharing your thoughts with others, Loom lets you do it all with async video. With one click you can record your screen and camera and share the content instantly.

Here’s a sample video:

Resolution Test Resolution Test

With this extension, you can test web pages in a variety of screen resolutions. You can also define your own resolution. It resizes the browser window and emulates the web application in the screen size you need.

The above-discussed extensions are some of the best Chrome plugins for testing that can be used by the testers as the most effective and time-efficient Software testing tools.

If you feel we missed out on some more important extensions for Software Testers, then feel free to leave a remark in the comment section. 

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