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TestFlix 2021 - Srinivas Kantipudi

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Srinivas Kantipudi

Director, QA at Hubilo

Atomic Talk Title: Tools for functional testers to become powerhouse

If we ever read about Close air support in warfare, it is a technique to directly support the troops on the ground by air assets. Every functional tester can provide close air support for each of the verticals (automation, performance, security, accessibility), which will help in releasing faster, supporting the verticals when needed. This session will cover how this can be done for each vertical, tools we can use and how it will help functional testers to be powerhouse.


  1. Power of tools in testing
  2. Expanding the testing scope
  3. How functional testers can help non-functional testing teams
  4. Erasing the line between functional testing and automation


Speaker Bio

Srinivas Kantipudi is an experienced Software Engineering & Quality Assurance enthusiast with diverse experience driving quality of products in the application development space. He has held a wide variety of roles ranging from Developer, Test engineer, head of QA CoE, Engineering head to Scrum Master and Product Owner. He is passionate about testing, designed and implemented several tools/frameworks, always ready to try out new things, and constantly looks at ways to improve the process.

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