The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup Roundup- June 2018

software testing meetup - mumbai

As you all know, we are a Community. And Community runs because of the people it has. They progress and they together drive the progress of the Community. As part of the same drive, this Roundup post for The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup is being written by one of the Meetup Attendee only. We approached Niraj for help and he happily agreed. Thank You, Niraj 🙂

Here he goes.

How many times have we heard of a Community of Testers? Rarely, right? But the experience of The Bug Feast organized by The Test Tribe was the reason I acted against the Saturday(9th June) warning of heavy showers in Mumbai. It was second The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup. I wasn’t able to attend first but was all excited to attend this one after my experience at The Bug Feast Hackathon Mumbai.

Meetup venue was the awesome 91Springboard Andheri Hub in a roundtable conference room. Somil Keswani, a Security Testing expert took us through the basics of Security Testing and briefed us about the Road to Bug hunting/Bug bounties programs. It was a 45-minute session which ended with Q&A (as interesting as the session). Definitely planted a seed in minds of attendees that there is something apart from Automation as well.

The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup
The second session of the meetup started after a quick snack break. It was roughly an hour long where meetup host Mahesh introduced an interesting Card game (using TestSphere) related to Testing. But before that, to ease out and familiarise with each other, we played a short activity where we had to connect with as many participants as possible by taking their contact numbers or adding them on Facebook. Siddharth won it by margin 🙂

The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup

The Test Tribe Mumbai Meetup

For the Card game, we formed two teams. The game had three rounds and each round had a separate Card. Each card had different jargons/topics prominently related to Testing. Our topics came out be Zero-One-Many(Heuristics), Diplomacy(Techniques) and Confirmation Bias(Patterns).

Each team had 5-7 minutes to think about the definition of the topic, a real-life example and how to deal with/how to leverage thoughts, and finally, present it to everyone. Each team also had to decide who will present what answers.

Software testing meetup - Mumbai

Mahesh asked someone from the crowd to join him and help in the evaluation part to make it look fair 🙂 Neha happily volunteered. Team with the most convincing answers would win the round. People really came out with excellent problems and solutions. The game was effective in bringing unknown faces together. And it not only made people think about different scenarios but also motivated them to speak in front of an audience.

The networking activity and the Card game came out to be a conversation breaker and by the time we left the space, we were familiar with almost all the folks attending the meetup. The meetup ended with a wait of another similar wonderful meetup and with lots of smiles.

Software testing meetup - Mumbai

Software testing meetup - Mumbai Regards,

Niraj Yadav

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