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Top 7 Web Accessibility Testing Tools of 2023

Best Web Accessibility Testing Tools

In today’s digital age, web accessibility is a critical aspect of web development that ensures equal access to information and services for all users, regardless of their abilities. 

With over 1 billion people in the world living with disabilities, it’s essential to ensure that web applications are accessible to everyone. 

Web accessibility testing tools are invaluable resources for developers, providing a means to identify and fix accessibility issues in a timely and efficient manner. 

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top 7 web accessibility testing tools for web applications, helping you to ensure that your websites and applications are accessible to all users.

Equal Web

Equal Web is an AI-based tool that detects and fixes web accessibility issues quickly. It provides detailed reports and remediation guidelines, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards.


  • Automated web accessibility testing
  • Identifies and provides solutions for accessibility issues
  • Compatible with Angular, React, Vue.js and more
  • Supports compliance with accessibility standards like WCAG 2.1, ADA, and Section 508
  • Provides detailed accessibility reports and remediation guidelines


  • AI technology quickly identifies and fixes accessibility issues
  • Compatible with multiple web technologies
  • Supports accessibility standards for compliance
  • Provides detailed reports and remediation guidelines for developers


  • Automated testing may not catch all accessibility issues, requiring manual testing
  • May not be as effective for complex web applications with custom code or dynamic content
  • Costs can be too high for startups or individual developers.

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UsableNet is a WCAG 2.1 compliance testing tool that generates detailed reports with suggested improvements. It also offers mobile accessibility solutions and design services.


  • Automated accessibility scans with issue identification and recommended solutions
  • Comprehensive accessibility reports with estimated repair time for each issue
  • Both manual and automated accessibility testing options


  • UsableNet has over 20 years of experience in the industry
  • Efficient and detailed automated scans for identifying and fixing accessibility issues
  • Compatible with well-known content management systems like Drupal and WordPress
  • Consulting services available to help improve accessibility practices


  • Relatively expensive, making it less accessible for smaller organizations with limited budgets.
  • Automated scans may miss some accessibility issues, requiring manual testing for full compliance.
  • Training and consulting services come at an additional cost, making it even more expensive for organizations that require additional assistance.

Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse is a free accessibility testing tool by Google that checks web pages for issues and suggests improvements. It also offers performance and SEO analysis features.


  • Open-source automated tool
  • Built into Google Chrome’s Developer Tools
  • Performs accessibility, performance, and best practices audits
  • Provides detailed reports with suggestions for fixes
  • Simple user interface and easy to utilize.


  • Free and readily available for Google Chrome users
  • A comprehensive tool that checks for accessibility issues and other issues
  • Detailed reports with actionable suggestions for improvement
  • Regularly updated with new audits and features to stay current with web development standards and practices


  • Lighthouse only audits the current page in Google Chrome and cannot audit entire websites or multiple pages simultaneously.
  • It is designed primarily for use in Google Chrome and may not provide accurate results in other browsers.
  • While Lighthouse can identify accessibility issues, it cannot substitute for manual testing by users with disabilities.


Siteimprove is a web accessibility tool that offers free and paid plans. It checks for common issues, provides detailed reports, and suggestions for improvement, and includes optimization and analytics features.


  • A comprehensive suite of accessibility testing tools
  • Checks for common accessibility issues, such as missing alternative text, improper heading structures, and color contrast
  • Provides detailed reports with explanations and suggestions for improvement
  • Offers a priority system to determine which issues to fix first
  • Includes content optimization and analytics features


  • Offers both free and paid plans
  • Easy to use with clear explanations of issues
  • Tests compliance with multiple international standards
  • Priority system helps to focus on critical issues
  • Provides comprehensive analytics and content optimization features


  • Siteimprove is primarily focused on web accessibility testing and may not cover additional areas of web development testing.
  • The tool may generate false positives, requiring manual verification.
  • The reporting may be overwhelming for inexperienced users, requiring some training to understand.


accessiBe is an AI-based web accessibility tool that automatically detects and resolves website accessibility issues. 

It uses machine learning and manual testing to enhance the user experience for those with disabilities, with features like screen readers and keyboard navigation.


  • AI-powered solution that automatically makes websites accessible
  • Uses machine learning algorithms and manual testing to identify and solve accessibility issues
  • Provides an accessibility menu for users to customize the website’s interface according to their preferences and needs
  • Includes features such as a screen reader and keyboard navigation for users with disabilities


  • Quick and easy web accessibility solution
  • Comprehensive accessibility testing options
  • User-friendly accessibility menu
  • Assistive technology features included
  • Can help avoid costly lawsuits related to web accessibility.


  • Automated tools may not catch all accessibility issues, requiring manual testing for full compliance
  • Privacy and data security concerns may arise from accessiBe’s use of machine learning algorithms to analyze website content and user data.


Testsigma is a cloud-based automation platform with accessibility testing tools. It scans for accessibility issues, generates reports, and tests for compliance with WCAG 2.1, Section 508, and other standards. It also integrates with tools like aXe and Wave.


  • Cloud-based platform for accessibility and cross-browser testing
  • Offers test automation features for faster and more efficient testing
  • Integrations with popular tools like Jira, Jenkins, and GitHub


  • Easy accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Cross-browser testing capabilities for increased compatibility
  • Accessibility testing features for compliance with accessibility standards


  • Not a free tool
  • For beginners, it could have a longer learning curve.

aXe by Deque

aXe by Deque is a free browser extension that audits web pages for accessibility issues, offering manual and automated testing, compliance checks, and detailed reports with improvement suggestions.


  • Free, open-source browser extension for accessibility testing
  • Manual and automated testing options
  • Checks for compliance with WCAG 2.1 and other accessibility standards
  • Provides detailed reports with explanations and improvement suggestions
  • Can evaluate accessibility compliance across multiple pages and sites
  • Supports multiple languages, including HTML, Angular, and React.


  • Free and open-source accessibility testing tool
  • Browser extension makes it easy to use
  • Supports multiple languages, offering versatility
  • Provides detailed reports with explanations and suggestions
  • Offers both manual and automated testing options


  • Limited features compared to other accessibility testing tools
  • Can only be used as a browser extension, not as a standalone software application
  • Not as widely known or adopted as other accessibility testing tools


In conclusion, web accessibility testing tools are crucial for web developers and businesses to ensure that their web applications are accessible to all users. 

In this article, we discussed the top web accessibility testing tools, including Equal Web, UsableNet, Google Lighthouse, Siteimprove, accessiBe, Testsigma, Wave, and other similar tools. 

While each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, they all help in identifying and fixing accessibility issues, providing detailed reports and remediation guidelines. 

Developers should choose a tool that suits their needs, budget, and expertise to ensure that their web applications are accessible to everyone.

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