The Bug Feast Mumbai Roundup | A Software Testing Hackathon

The Bug Feast Hackathon Mumbai Chapter Round-up

software testing hackathon

So the first edition of The Bug Feast Testing Hackathon is over and Ohh my, it was some experience. On 24th of March 2018, Testers in the city of Mumbai experienced something they had never experienced before. The love and support which The Bug Feast Mumbai chapter received was just amazing. It was the first event of The Test Tribe community by the way.

What was in store?

  • Three products under Test. All from different domains.
    • Crowdfire – Social media tool for online marketing
    • WandX – Blockchain based decentralized exchange for ERC20 Tokens
    • DocsApp – Online Doctor consultation app
  • Around 100 Testers ready to attack.
  • Total 400 hours of Testing
  • Prizes worth Rs. 30000 up for grab.
  • Job opportunity with one of the best Product company Zycus
  • 91SpringboardBKC‘s super cool venue

Let’s hear from the participants what they have to say about The Bug Feast…



  • Near 1000 bugs caught and reported.
  • Testers from 27 different companies under one roof.
  • 9 Winning teams. ( Developer by profession team being one of the winners in Testing Hackathon. Have you heard something like this before? No right? Read on. )
  • EDIT: 1 Job Offer so far, many more under evaluation.
  • Lots of fun, networking, SWAG, and smiles. All around.

The Bug Feast Mumbai

The Details

So The Bug Feast started at around 2 PM with all Testers settled, ready to attack whatever comes their way. Before the game starts, knowing the game and rules is important right? So it started with ever energetic Paras introducing The Test Tribe community and also taking the participants through event schedule. This was followed by brief about The Test Tribe roadmap from my side where we shared our plans about organizing Hackathons, Meetups, Workshops, etc in different cities.

Product introduction section started with Crowdfire team introducing their apps and testing scope for a hackathon. As WandX and DocsApp team was participating remotely, explanatory videos were played for candidates to understand their apps and testing scope. Zycus being our hiring partner wished all the participants to do their best.

So that’s it. Instructions were sent to all the participants and the battle begun. By the way, we already saw a lot of participants networking with each other prior to the actual Hackathon and they were loving it.

In no time, all three products were under heavy fire followed by a plethora of Bugs. Hackathon duration was strategically set to 4 hours so that Startups get the maximum possible value and Testers get enough time to try out maximum things on maximum apps. We were able to notice different strategies being used by different testers. Team options were of two people together or a unit of three.

Few teams planned the testing in a way where all three test same product, two testers test the apps full-time and the remaining one keeps on logging the caught bugs. That definitely increases their chances of being favorites but wait. We also noticed that few teams (of two members) were testing two different apps rigorously so don’t you think they opened up chances of winning on two fronts rather than one? Well, there is no perfect strategy you see. Anything can work. It all depends on how well the teams are formed and how well individual tester can test.

As you must have noticed that all three apps belonged to different domains and developed on different technologies and platforms. There were mobile apps and web apps. There were blockchain based apps and browser extensions as well. So definitely a promising Feast for all the Testers (read Beasts :D). WandX being the most complex and blockchain based app had different appeal altogether. This event definitely brought the participants a step closer to buzzwords like Crypto and Blockchain. Saying that, Crowdfire and DocsApp too were under heavy fire from lots of Testers.

Four hours passed too quickly and even after we sent out a Stop signal, bugs were still reported for some time. Evaluating the final Bug report export must have been some task for the Startup representatives. As startups were busy evaluating the submitted bugs and decide the winners, participants were enjoying some refreshment and wonderful networking opportunity. Meanwhile, a lot of testers also shared their feedback for the event and about the things they are looking forward to from The Test Tribe. Tribals also agreed that there has to be a way to stay in touch with each other and hence some platform should be set for The Test Tribe community to collaborate even after the events and keep growing. On the same line, here is the official The Test Tribe Facebook Group for all the Tribals to stay connected. If you are a Tester and reading this, Join the Tribe NOW –

Finally, the moment which everyone was eagerly waiting arrived. The Results. For us, every single person was already a WINNER for that they decided to something worthy on a Saturday they otherwise would have spent on whatever they feel like. But still, if there is a competition there has to be a winner.

Software testing hackathon in mumbai - bug-feast

Here goes the result:


  • Winner: Ashwin Acharya & Prince Sahani from Seclore
  • 1st Runner-up: Anurvi Tak & Jyotsna Gupta from Reliance Jio
  • 2nd Runner-up: Aakansha Sharma, Prakhar Tripati & Samidha Rane from Deloitte


  • Winner: Kaushik Patel & Shadab Ansari (Remember the Developer thing I mentioned? :)) from Zycus
  • 1st Runner-up: Aarti Gupta & Suchi chaurasiya from Accenture
  • 2nd Runner-up: Jyotsna Patil & Nikita Shetty from Zycus


  • Winner: Ajay
  • 1st Runner-up: Ashish Jain & Neet Sheth from BookMyShow & JustDial
  • 2nd Runner-up: Vinita Rajak, Prashant Bhatasana and Suraj Patil from TCS, JumpByte and LCS.

And we did mention about the Special Swag on the event page right?

Again a Big Congratulations to all the Winners from The Test Tribe Team.

And most importantly, Big Thank You to The Bug Feast Event Sponsors & Partners:

Husshh. What an event it was. We made few mistakes and goof ups but we prefer to call them Learning. These learnings will help us create even better things in future.

We all promised to meet again at some other event soon and with that promise it was a wrap. But wait. Wrap without a Selfie? Is that even a wrap?

IMG 20180324 210350

Say “Triiiiiiiibe”

You can access Full event Album here

The Bug Feast Mumbai Chapter Time-lapse

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See you soon at Bangalore with another Bug Feast. We are excited already.

Share your views and feedback in comments section. We would love to hear from you.

Last but not least, Hi-Five to our team for The Bug Feast Mumbai Chapter- Paras, Steffy, Kunal, Hamza, Sybil, Amar, Ram, and Shubham. You guys are gems.

Software testing hackathon in mumbai - bug-feast

the ‘SQUAD’

Meanwhile, HAPPY TESTING 🙂

See you soon,
Mahesh Chikane
Founder Tribal

Written by

The Test Tribe
6 thoughts on “The Bug Feast Hackathon Mumbai Chapter Round-up
  1. I too received feedback’s from many participants and from the instagram posts, trust me the tribe has come up with a wonderful initiative. Kudos to the Founder Tribal @Mahesh ??????

  2. Thanks once again Mahesh & his tribe! An event well-organized indeed…Looking forward to more. 🙂
    Curious to know who bagged that employment opportunity to Zycus that was on offer… 😉

    1. Thanks for kind words @Nitish. Definitely lot more to come in future.
      One offer so far, few more under evaluation 🙂 We may reveal names once done.

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