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QonfX 2024 Rewind: Testing, AI, and the Future

We did a sort of time travel on 20th April at QonfX.

If you are not one of the 3000+ people who registered for this event, it is a unique software testing conference that keeps its focus on the Future of Testing. This year was the second edition of QonfX and received even more love than the last time.

As a testing professional, this discussion was a goldmine of knowledge, offering invaluable guidance on adapting and thriving in the age of AI.

Thank you, The Test Tribe… for curating such a rewarding online session!

Feedback like the above filled our social feeds during and post QonfX. We cannot keep a count of the number of times attendees used the words ‘eye-opening’ for the talks given by the speakers. All thanks to the wonderful people who agreed to talk at the event.

Our sponsors play a big hand in the conferences that we bring to you, and we would like to give a shout-out to them. BrowserStack – our Premier Sponsor; BlinqIO – our Platinum Sponsor; and Allure Report – our Gold Sponsor had been extremely helpful in giving you a great QonfX experience.

Short Backstory:

The preparation story for QonfX goes back to late February when we had just concluded our hands-on-only conference – Worqference. We were up for a challenge where we intended to educate as many testers as possible about The Future of Testing. 

Within a short time, we brought together some of the industry’s best minds, who were open to sharing their thoughts on carefully selected topics.

We used every possible way to communicate to you that we, along with 8 top-notch industry experts, were coming to talk about what tomorrow may hold for the testing domain.

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Like every event here at the Test Tribe, you didn’t fail to turn up and push the numbers, making them better than last year’s QonfX. We couldn’t be more thankful to you for making the 20th of April so vibrant.

The Event:

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a noticeable shift in the industry towards focusing more on AI. At QonfX, our aim was to shed light on AI in a way that helps attendees overcome any fears they may have about it. Instead, we wanted you all to embrace AI and leave our conference feeling empowered and ready to incorporate it into your work or daily lives.

We kicked off the event this year with Rahul sharing his perspectives on AI in testing. This was not a presentation of fancy slides but of sensible insights into looking at AI from a completely different angle. Here is the link to the video:

Next up was Navin Nair helping the learners ‘surf the AI wave.’ We got to learn what goes into using Gen AI  for development and testing of applications. It was indeed an intriguing talk that went on for 30 minutes.

Listen to Navin from QonfX 2024 here:

We gave AI a little break while the learners were still soaking in the abundance of knowledge by Rahul and Navin. The networking spaces had some very interesting conversations going on and the attendees were full of appreciation.

We had Naman Kapoor making his debut as a speaker for The Test Tribe. His session on Evolution of Testing Functions was a unique take on the topic and super valuable for the learners who got to understand the growing value of testing and how these roles may probably turn out to become in the future.

Like Naman, Vandana, too, was speaking at a TTT event for the first time (which it didn’t look like). The highlight was AI Security – a topic that was new to so many of us. She brought up a major concern of how AI while helping ship software could end up posing security challenges to software. Here is a video covering the session.

One common question that often fills our Q&As and chats is about the Future of Automation Testing, which Subhash Kotra addressed this time. The talk was mostly about the current state of automation in quality assurance and what people can expect out of SDET roles in the future.

Gomathi Rammalingam from Simba Chain took the stage after the automation testing talk. The focus of Gomathi’s session was the future of blockchain in testing.The attendees were provided with knowledge on a holistic testing approach and upcoming technologies, along with examples of real-world implementation.

After some more networking and breakout sessions, we went on to have a panel discussion. We don’t do panels at every other conference, but this is something that has received a lot of love in the past at TribeQonf. The panel had a star-studded lineup, with Rahul Verma, Navin Nair, Nagabhushan Rammapa, and Balaji Ponnada taking the discussion further on AI. Throughout the discussion, there were some gems and deep information that the learner had to take back after the conference.



QonfX wasn’t just any other conference where various testing aspects were discussed. It was a dynamic platform dedicated solely to exploring the Future of Testing and AI. Here, we didn’t just scratch the surface of the possibilities of using AI in testing; we delved deep into its impact on testing roles, the associated challenges and security risks, its evolution, the future of Blockchain, and much more. And, of course, our remarkable speakers didn’t just share insights; they actively engaged with attendees, providing clarity and guidance. 

The event’s impact resonated deeply, as evidenced by the flood of feedback expressing gratitude and awe for the invaluable knowledge shared. None of this would have been possible without the incredible support of our community and the generous contributions of our sponsors, BrowserStack, BlinqIO, and Allure Report. We extend a big thank you to our speakers for their invaluable contributions and to everyone who made QonfX 2024 a resounding success.

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