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The Test Tribe Turns Three!

Sometime in December 2017 ~ Question: “Why the state of Testers and state of Testing is the way it is? Why don’t we see enough passionate Testers around who would want to break through the comfort zone, learn at scale, evolve, and help others evolve?”…

2020: Year in Review

Can you remember how was 1st of January 2020? No? Can you stress a bit and try to remember how it was for you? Well, it is fine if you can’t remember it precisely. I cannot remember it as well. But one thing you, me,…

8 takeaways for Testers from my recent TribalConnects

Throughout the journey of building The Test Tribe Community, I am habitual to connect with many of our community members, whether it is they approaching me or otherwise. Took a step forward recently and opened a formal channel which makes it more obvious that I…

Pesticide Paradox in Test Automation

How Pesticide Paradox can impact Test Automation? One of the attendee at a recent meetup I hosted(on behalf of MOT KL) asked this interesting question. Even though I answered it, the time constraint didn’t let me elaborate enough. So let me start with an apology…

Ten things to do after a conference

THANK THE ORGANIZERS A lot goes into organizing any event for the community. If you want to know the behind-the-scenes activity, read these two posts here and here. It is easy to complain when things go wrong. It takes a good heart to appreciate when…

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