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The Test Tribe Newsletter #1 – Latest Trends in Software Testing

latest trends in software testing, testing conferences

Hope you are doing great and keeping safe. Firsts are always special, no? We are super happy today to write our first Newsletter today and share it with you so that you can be aware of the latest trends in the software testing world. Show some love if you like it.

We would also want to thank Testsigma who is supporting this inaugural issue of the TTT Newsletter. Testsigma just announced their community version. Open-source & packed with promising features! Testsigma promises to enable users to set up quickly and automate tests for web, mobile and APIs in just minutes.  Check out their Github repo

Let’s dive into this Newsletter issue!

Top Discussions from Discord Community

  • A comprehensive discussion on the frequency of test suite optimization and approach towards it was done here.
  • The community discussed the impact of feature flags in testing and automation here.
  • The possibility of increased requirements for testers upskilling on Security aspects if the cyber attacks go very high in future and companies start caring about this aspect from the very ‘left’, was discussed here.

Trending Topics

  • Testing Engineers are the most sought after Job
    Testing Engineers are the most sought-after job in India in the previous quarter. India’s leading daily, Times of India published this report here.
  • Apple’s Safari bug has been revealing people’s browsing history for months
    According to a new report, a software vulnerability in Apple’s Safari 15 browser might allow any website to track users’ internet activities and possibly expose their identities on macOS, iOS, and iPadOS 15. Read this article to know more about it. This news item is not written or cross-checked by TTT, we are just sharing the news.

Top Upcoming Testing Conferences/Events

  • Automating Test Design and Designing Test Automation Bootcamp with Robert Sabourin– During the 4-week Bootcamp, you will learn how automation can support test design and help you achieve critical functional and non-functional test objectives. This course focuses on real techniques applied to real projects with plenty of real examples and case studies
  • The Test Tribe 7th Virtual Meetup– Happening on the 12th of February, Sandeep Garg will host a Session on “JMeter, Please assist me in Testing for THAT load” and will try to answer some questions like why is load testing a web application necessary, when should the load testing life cycle begin, and more! 
  • Worqference– 15 Atomic Workshops on topics like AI/ML Recommendation Engine, Cypress, Selenium, Appium, DevOps, Testing, etc. by hand-picked Instructors from across the globe in one conference! From practical demonstration-based teaching and workbooks after each session to some crazy networking and fun, Worqference has it all

The Recent Bests from TTT Blog

  • We looked back at the year gone by. The highs, the lows, the good, the bad, everything. The community grew multi-fold and we witnessed the launch of our 2.0 Avatar. Read more about it here.
  • In this blog, we discuss multiple factors that should be thought of before deciding to stop testing. We talk about input quality-related factors, situations owing to management issues, and exit criteria in length

Quote of the Week

“First, solve the problem. Then, write the code.”

John Johnson

Take a Break and Watch the binge-worthy

  • Testing in a post epidemic world
    The epidemic has hit us all. Does it mean anything for the present way we are testing? What will change the post epidemic for the testing world if it does? Listen to what leading experts in the field have to say
  • API Testing from the Basics and Postman Workshop
    In this video, one of our community members, Pricilla talks about API Basics, API Testing in detail. In the second half, she does a live demo in Postman Workshop
  •  “Word Smatter” by Damian Synadinos
    Damian chose a slightly unconventional, interesting, and conversational method to give testers a high-level summary of the importance of Semantics and Semantic Discussions. The metaphors used by Damian are just awesome! Tune in here.

Jobs in software testing

  • QA Tester
    Technozer Solution
    Surat, Gujarat
    0-2 years of experience in QA testing

From the masterpieces

Here is a snippet from the book Lessons Learned in Software Testing: A Context-Driven Approach: Kaner, Cem, Bach, James, Pettichord, Bret

When a bug has been marked as resolved, a tester should review it. If the bug was marked as fixed, the tester should try to show that the fix was incomplete. If the bug report was rejected as nonreproducible or not understandable, the tester should fix the report. If the bug was deferred or rejected as a non-bug, the tester should decide whether to gather additional data in order to challenge the deferral or rejection. If the bug was rejected as a duplicate, the tester should decide whether she agrees. Some project teams bury bugs by marking them as duplicates. Normally, the tester who reported the bug will retest it, but if a non-tester reported it, the bug should be evaluated by the tester most familiar with that part of the program. When feasible, that tester should also consult with the original reporter. No bug should be marked as closed unless it has been reviewed and closed by a tester.

Top Community Announcement

  • Worqference Referral Program
    Enrol in the program to get discounts for the ones you refer to register for Worqference and rewards for yourself. Check more details here.
  • The Test Tribe’s Call For Volunteers, 2022
    We are looking for the next Tribe Champions who want to positively impact the Testing Community space, all driven by values. If you are keen, express your interest here.

Content that is Gold but never Old

Great Resources for Software Testing curated by Huib Schoots. These are resources that can serve as ready reckoner irrespective of your experience, domains, etc.

That’s it for this issue then. We would like to thank our contributors to this Issue: Mahathee, Steffy, Rahul, Sandeep, Pravika, and Himani

We hope you enjoyed today’s Issue. Feel free to forward this to your Testing team. Write to us for any feedback/suggestions.

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