15+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Software Testing

15+ Best ChatGPT Prompts for Software Testing

We’ve got something truly special in store for you. We reached out to our expansive testing community, consisting of 40,000 testers, and posed a question about leveraging GPT prompts for various software testing scenarios and tips for effective prompting. The response was nothing short of astounding, and today, we’re thrilled to bring you the incredible insights we gathered. Prepare to be amazed as we unveil 15+ best ChatGPT prompts for software testing enthusiasts like you. Whether you’re a seasoned tester looking to up your game or a curious coder eager to explore novel testing strategies, the answers we’ve uncovered are bound to spark your imagination. So, let’s dive right in!

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Software Testing

Here’s a curated list of ingenious ChatGPT prompts for software testing enthusiasts like you, which are tailored to revolutionize your testing strategies.

Note: Below insightful ChatGPT prompts have been generously contributed by our community member Ansha Batra.

ChatGPT Prompts for Software Testing
1. Test Case Generation for a software project

Prompt: “ChatGPT, based on this software requirement {[Insert Requirement]}, could you generate a list of potential test cases?”

2. Creating a comprehensive report post-bug identification

Prompt: ChatGPT, I found a bug. Here are the details: {[Insert Bug Details]}. Could you help me structure this into a comprehensive bug report?”

3. Code Review Automation

Prompt: “ChatGPT, here is a code snippet: {[Insert Code Snippet]}. Can you please conduct a preliminary code review and suggest improvements?”

4. Write Software Test Automation script using any language.

Prompt: “ChatGPT, I am using the {[Insert Technology Stack]} for my project. What automation framework would you suggest, and could you help me start with a script?”

5. Prepare documentation for a software project which includes the test plan.

Prompt: “ChatGPT, I need to draft a test plan for a software project with these requirements: {[Insert Requirements]}. Could you provide a template or starting point for this?”

6. Given a set of test cases, which test case is to be carried out first?

Prompt: “ChatGPT, here is a list of test cases: {[Insert Test Cases]}. Based on your understanding, could you help prioritize these test cases?”

7. List down the risk areas involved in the project

Prompt: “ChatGPT, based on the historical data of similar projects {[Insert Past Project Data]}, what are the potential areas of higher risk in the new project?”

8. Find out the test coverage with the given set of test cases.

Prompt: “ChatGPT, here is our list of requirements {[Insert Requirements]} and our current test cases {[Insert Test Cases]}. Can you identify any gaps in test coverage?”

9. Mention the performance testing outcomes based on the user set along with ways to improve the performance.

Prompt: “ChatGPT, given this anticipated user load {[Insert User Load]}, what performance testing scenarios would you suggest?”

10. Usability Testing

Prompt: “ChatGPT, here is a screenshot of our application’s user interface {[Insert UI Screenshot]}. Can you point out any usability issues?”

11. Reviewing Regression Test Cases

Prompt: “ChatGPT, here are our current regression test cases: {[Insert Test Cases]}. Could you identify any that may be redundant or obsolete?”

12. Real-time Error Monitoring

Prompt: “ChatGPT, here are the errors generated during the testing phase: {[Insert Errors]}. Can you categorize these errors according to severity and module?”

13. Training Junior QA Team Members

Prompt: “ChatGPT, can you provide a brief explanation and examples of {[Insert QA Concept]} for our new QA team members?”

14. Predictive Analytics

Prompt: “ChatGPT, based on the past data of similar projects {[Insert Past Project Data]}, could you predict potential problem areas in our software development lifecycle?”

15. Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD):

Prompt: “ChatGPT, I need to set up a CI/CD pipeline for this project. Could you provide a step-by-step guide based on our technology stack: {[Insert Technology Stack]}?”

Note: Below insightful ChatGPT prompts have been generously contributed by our community member Monish Correia.

Best ChatGPT Prompts for Software Testing
16. Test Case Generation for the e-commerce platform

Prompt: “Generate as many test cases as possible to simulate complete user journeys, including product selection, adding items to the cart, checkout process, payment, and order fulfillment”.

17. Integration with ERP

Prompt: Create as many test cases as possible to verify the seamless integration between the e-commerce platform and the ERP system, focusing on data consistency, synchronization, and real-time updates”.

9 Tips for Effective Prompting

In the coming future, software testing and ChatGPT will always work hand in hand. This is why grasping the art of crafting effective prompts is crucial for maximizing ChatGPT’s performance. The Test Tribe has its own Generative AI course for testers that covers more prompts and use cases of artificial intelligence in testing.

Tips for Effective Prompting

According to Ansha Batra, the secret to effective prompting is to be focused, explicit, and limited while offering enough context to allow for the generation of appropriate responses.

Here are some tips from Ansha for minimizing each of these errors:

  1. Ensure that you give the Al model enough context so that it understands exactly what you want it to perform, and use examples that show the kind of output you’re looking for.
  2. Keep your request short, targeted, and unambiguous. Ensure that every word you use is straightforward and simple to understand.
  3. Always ask one query at a time. You can always ask more questions in response to subsequent prompts. If you do ask several questions, be ready to do so independently if necessary.
  4. While being clear and precise is crucial, it’s also a good idea to avoid becoming too detailed, so you can allow the Al model plenty of room to come up with original, creative solutions.
  5. Check your language for any unintentional preconceptions. 
  6. While lengthier prompts can occasionally be helpful, it’s best to keep your sentences brief whenever you can to avoid giving the Al system too much data to process.
  7. Issue a direct and brief instruction.
  8. Provide the Al with clear instructions for the output you desire, including the length, format, tone, etc.
  9. Ensure that you are always verifying that the Al is still able to recall all of the context that you have given it.

A huge Shoutout to our amazing community members for sharing these amazing prompts for different testing scenarios. 

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