Bangalore Meetup Roundup June 2018

software testing meetup - Bangalore

We continue with our tradition where our attendees write the Meetup roundup as they share their experience.

Here we go with The Test Tribe Bangalore Meetup roundup collectively written by multiple attendees. We just clubbed the experiences.

It was first The Test Tribe Bangalore meetup after hosting The Bug Feast Hackathon successfully and we were all excited for it. It was happening on a Monsoon Sunday(17th June) morning at the awesome 91Springboard 8th Block Koramangala Hub.

Meetup content was a session on “Problem Solving Techniques: An attempt to apply ideas across disciplines” by Ajay , followed by a cool Testing Game. The meetup started at 10:30 AM with a quick introduction from everyone. Everyone was given a pen and paper to write down the name, experience and interest area in Software Testing of a person sitting beside them. Further, there was a quick intro about The Test Tribe Community and discussion on the importance of having communities.

Software testing meetup - bangalore

Then started Ajay’s session on Problem Solving Techniques. To summarise, it covered lots of Testing Problems we face in daily life. Highlights below-

What is a problem?

Ajay took inspiration from Jerry Weinberg’s definition of the problem: the difference between the current state and the desired state. He highlighted that the difference between the expectation and reality is the problem, most of the times. So either we can accept the reality and expect less or turn our expectations into reality. We all are human beings, we have the power to think as far as we can. Every problem has a solution; we just need to think about it properly.

Many people revolve around the same problem for days because they fail to apply some simple techniques.

  1. Acceptance: Initially, if there is a problem, one needs to accept it rather than ignoring it.
  2. Understand: Once you have accepted the problem, try to understand it. Collect the facts where the things are going wrong and summarize them all.
  3. Communication: Many of the problems appear because of miscommunication. So, one needs to communicate with others, so that you get a different view of that problem and you can analyze those views and implement it.
  4. Few Techniques or Problem-solving models from the book Gamestorming:
  •  AI (Attributes and Improvements): Analyze the facts, the cause of the problem and try to improve on the area where you are going wrong.
  • “Six thinking hats” by Edward de Bono: One can go through this book and can figure out about the different approach of solving the problem
  • Questioning: Many don’t use this technique even though it is very simple yet an effective technique in multiple contexts.
  • “SCAMPER” by Bob Eberlee & Alex Eborn

S          –          Substitute

C          –          Combine

A         –           Adapt

M         –          Magnify/modify

P          –          Put to other use

E          –          Eliminate

R          –          Rearrange/reverse

We can find more details from “SCAMPER” by Bob Eberlee & Alex Eborn.

Now, try to analyze from Technique (1-4), in which among these you are lacking your concentration. Doing this may give you a better insight to understand and solve the problem.

Software testing meetup - bangalore

We further discussed

  • “Six Thinking Hats” technique by Edward de Bono
  • Time management for daily tasks


Software testing meetup - bangalore

Followed by this session we played a Testing Game which revolved around few Testing Topics where two teams gave their understanding of that topic, shared a real-life example and their approach to it. We enjoyed the session thoroughly as it made us work together and present our thoughts.

We had a quick snacks break after the game. After which, we got back to work again and initiated “59 seconds Talks” wherein everyone was given a chance to talk on something but for exact 59 seconds. It was special in a way as in 59 seconds you get chance to present your thoughts but you have to do it smartly to make sure in given time you are covering what you want to. People shared their journey, the problems they face and possible solutions as well.

The Test Tribe community then gave us some cool swag and as always, we said Good Bye with a promise to meet again with a wrap-up selfie 🙂

Software testing meetup - bangalore

Credits: Sagar Chitral, Kajal Kumari, Nagaraju Banda, Priti Visaji

Isn’t it wonderful how beautifully humans can work together?

We would want to Thank above-mentioned contributors who helped us collate the Meetup experience. We would also want to Thank Ajay for his awesome contribution in driving the meetup and Priti for helping us organize.

Software testing meetup - bangalore

Big Thank You to all the attendees for making it to the Meetup on a Sunday morning. Remember, You WON a day against your comfort zone 🙂

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