My Experience at Cignithon Testing Hackathon

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Cignithon Testing Hackathon, A mega testing hackathon in India was organized by Cigniti Technologies on 9th Feb 2020 at T-Hub (IIIT Hyderabad) and was powered by The Test Tribe Community. It was a rocking start to the New year for the testing community, especially from Hyderabad’s point of view. A sleepy, cozy, overcast Sunday was not sufficient to dampen the spirits of the Hyderabad Testing community, which came forward to constitute one of the biggest testing hackathons of India. More than 118+ testers from 52+ different companies turned up for the event which was fun-filled and challenging at the same time with opportunities for making cash, friends and a reputation. 

Some key highlights of Cignithon Testing Hackathon:

  • 3 Products to test from varying domains and on different platforms
    • Oropocket – A universal Investment platform wherein you can invest in precious metals
    • Hisab – An online Accounting Application
    • Younify – A social network to connect students across University campuses
  • Prizes worth 2 lakhs up for grab
  • Opportunity to network with 118+ testing professionals
  • Potential hiring opportunity with one of the leading pure-play testing companies in the world Cigniti
  • 1600+ bugs found ( A mind-boggling number by any standards)
  • Testers from 52+ companies participated
  • 9 winning teams across 3 products
  • 3 miscellaneous awards
  • Lots of fun, networking, SWAG, and smiles. All around.

Register for Cignithon 2022 – by Cigniti Technologies

The day started at 11:30 AM with the T-Hub auditorium completely jam-packed. An enthusiastic lot of testers, TTT volunteers and Cigniti leadership were geared towards making this event a great success. Paras, our host for the day, wove his magic and was the thread that held the entire event together. Cigniti leadership led by Subhendu and especially Raghuram set the ball rolling. Raghuram’s enthralling rendition of the history of software in the Indian context and especially the part on software testing captivated the audience as it is always good to know how the career you are a part of came into existence. 

Testing Hackathon -Cignithon

Testing Hackathon -Cignithon

Testing Hackathon -Cignithon

As a precursor to the actual bug hunting, Mahesh walked us all through the Event format, followed by a brief overview of the products provided by the three Startups I mentioned above.

The teams of two were allowed to be formed and asked to give some unique name to it. Teams were told to determine their strategies as to how to go ahead with their bug -hunting activities. Ajay provided his valuable inputs on how to go ahead with the bug-hunting activities with the intent of winning the hackathon. Then the teams took a break for lunch (which was quite delicious) where there were umpteen opportunities to network and form teams if not already done. 

The actual bug hunting exercise then started at 2:15 PM. The teams were all set. The product URLs, instructions and good luck wishes were shared with the teams, and the actual hackathon began. Teams deployed multiple strategies to outwit the competition and put their best feet forward to claim the prizes. Strategies ranged from picking up a single application to picking all applications with a time-boxed approach, going through the instructions in detail or directly jumping into testing. So on and so forth.

The apps were from varying domains with a mix of platforms(Web/Mobile) and that enabled people with different skillsets and experiences to leverage their strengths. Teams with a varying mix of experiences definitely had a stronger chance of winning. 

The time flew by and soon the ending was near. Teams rushed in to scour through any untouched areas and logging bugs in a hurry. The battle continued for a good 3.5 hours. Testers were not ready to stop. No time to look at the clock. Fingers waving their magic as fast as they can on the keyboard, logging as many bugs as possible. There were tea and snacks to enjoy in between the testing duration, but were we ready to stop and enjoy it? No, all we wanted is to log as many good bugs as possible.

Like all good things has to end, the hackathon window got over and bug submissions were stopped. We all were tired but super happy. Who says you can’t feel adrenaline rush while you test? 

There was a breather finally and we all were actually relaxing for the first time after a good 3.5 hours of intense work. This was also a very good opportunity to network with other testers out there and learn from them.