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The Test Tribe Software Testing Weekly Newsletter #2

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We hope you are doing well and keeping safe. First things first, thank you for the fantastic response to the newsletter’s first edition. It only motivates us to do better. So, with the same thought in mind, we bring you the second edition of our software testing weekly newsletter.

Testsigma Community Edition, now live! Testsigma Community Edition (CE), an open-source test automation platform has officially been announced by Testsigma. The platform enables users to set up quickly and automate tests for web, mobile and APIs in just minutes. Check it out here.

Top Discussions from Discord Community
  • A comprehensive discussion on onboarding, training of new employees, the importance of rich documentation happened here.
  • IoT Testing was one of the most discussed topics in the last few days. The community brainstormed on the approach to IoT Testing etc., here. The discussion motivated us to create a new channel dedicated to IoT Testing.
  • Building a framework is one thing, and its successful deployment is another. Which one is more important? Read what the community had to say here.
Latest in software testing technology

 This new feature allows testers and developers to build synthetic test data on the fly for functional and performance tests and virtual services. Once created, the test data can be linked and reused with multiple tests and services.

 Testim extends Tricentis’ own AI-powered continuous testing platform and will help the company further simplify test automation, enabling organizations to create resilient end-to-end tests quickly and easily

Top Upcoming software testing conference 2022
  • Meetup on Load Testing using JMeter Our 7th Virtual Meetup is on 12th February, where Sandeep Garg will host a Session on “JMeter, Please assist me in Testing for THAT load”. He will address why load testing a web application is necessary, when the load testing life cycle should begin, and more!
  • Worqference– 15 Atomic Workshops on topics like Security Testing, Cypress, Selenium, Appium, DevOps, Testing, etc., by hand-picked Instructors from across the globe in one conference! By the way, do you know? Worqference now has a free day track on 4th February, with five workshops for free. Don’t let go of this opportunity and register now.
  • Webinar on “Docker Testing” by Monika Sharma- Happening on 19th March, this webinar will cover some topics like Docker heavy application, different testing perspectives, Test Automation, Pipeline designing, and more!
  • Automation Bootcamp with Selenium and Java with Kunal Ashar– Dominated by Hands-on Exercises, 85+ of them spread across 45+ Hours. This 12 week+ Bootcamp is the most extensive Industry grade Selenium with Java training on the Internet! It is now entering its fourth Cohort.
The Recent Bests from TTT Blog
  • How to Build High-Performance Testing Teams?

Prashant Hegde shares his thoughts on building high-performance testing teams in this blog. It would be best if you didn’t miss this blog to create a testing team that performs.

Many people are now keen to make a career in software testing. Getting a job in software testing is one of the most often asked questions by Students, Freshmen, etc. Rahul Parwal shares his thoughts on getting a job in software testing as a fresher here.

Quote of the Week

Don’t just fix the bugs; fix whatever permitted the bugs in the first place.”


Take a Break and Watch the binge-worthy
  • Soft Skills for Testers
    In this video, Daniel Knott talks about five soft skills that every software tester must-have, the importance of communication, why testers must adapt to every new project or product, and why the sixth sense for testers is essential. Watch here.
  • Better Bug Reports
    In this video, Paul Holland covers how to write better bug reports to reduce miscommunication and put the information needed into your bug reports, from writing a compelling title to describing workarounds for the bug being reported. Watch here.
  • Build An Appium 2.0 Plugin In Under 8 Minutes
    In this video, Jonathan Lipps will walk you through creating a simple Node.js-based Appium 2.0 plugin in less than 8 minutes! Watch here.
Go! Get Hired!
  1. Manual QA Tester
    2 – 5 years
  2. QA Automation Senior
    AppSierra Solutions
    2 years+ of hands-on experience using Selenium with Java
  3. Software Development Engineer in Test
    RD&X Network
    3-4 years of Java Programming language experience
  4. Senior Software Engineer
    Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad
    2+ years of testing and automation experience
From the masterpieces

Some food for thought about Discarding useless appendages to the word ‘Quality’ from the book, Quality is Free by Philip B Crosby.

Speaking about giving the quality business some thought, I feel it is time to discard a lot of the useless appendages that have made quality management difficult to understand. The word “quality” is good enough to stand by itself. We should eliminate “control,” “assurance,” and other modifiers that too often accompany it. These identify relatively insignificant and minute differences in approach. The term “quality assurance” came into being during the first frantic missile years ago so a few astute individuals could move into higher salary brackets and at the same time be involved in more dignified work. They were soon peering over shoulders, rather than making quality happen. Certainly, I have no objection to a little nest feathering, but it is possible to make an excellent living actually doing the job of quality rather than just auditing to find out why it wasn’t done.

Top Community Announcement
  • Did you know that there exists an online library for testing? If no, leave everything and hop on to Library of Testing – Powered by The Test Tribe. A community-curated directory of Software Testing Learning resources to help the Testers across the globe choose the right ones for their learning needs. 
  • Writing is a medium to extract our thoughts and pen down our experiences. Therefore, it not only helps us but anyone who reads it. However, a writer writes once, but his legacy keeps ongoing in the form of content they create. So, if you want to make your legacy by writing around testing, this is the place you should visit.
Content that is Gold but never Old

Practical Deep Testing Stories by Pradeep Soundararajan. Pradeep sums up his decades of experience in these blogs, from being a tester to running a testing company that serves deep tech startups.

So, that’s it from this edition. We hope you enjoy reading it as much we did while creating this one. If you have any feedback suggestions, do let us know.

And do not forget to forward this to your testing teams.


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