Software Testing Challenges: Here is What Professionals Say

Here is what Software Testers said about challenges in Testing


Software development is inherently very dynamic in nature when it comes to changing requirements. This, in turn, makes testing challenging as they have to absorb shocks of changes which may come very late in the development cycle.  To collate such testing challenges we turned to our community and received wonderful responses from variedly experienced Testers.

Sharing it here with a view that it will help Testing fraternity as the saying goes ‘Life is too small to learn only from our experience

Arokya Samy

  • In Mobile testing, identifying the OS and mobile devices.
  • Trying to answer the question from the manager. Why did you miss this bug?
  • Convincing the developer to accept and have a look at the bug which he was citing as invalid
  • While working with customers tickets sometimes it is challenging to understand their problems and trying to replicate the same bug in the testing environment
  • Coverage in the Mobile app Automation Testing
  • Creating awareness towards the Accessibility Testing


Priti Visaji

  • Testing under a time constraint that focuses only on task completion and not on test coverage


Geosley Andrades

  • Automate your project 100% and find all possible bug


Rajan Verma


Stephen Kanagaraj

  • Ever-changing requirements and unclear scope


Kunal Ashar

  • Proving parallel automation support and maintaining success rate when your application is too dynamic


Mahesh Chikane

  • I would say something which I have comparatively faced fewer times but was definitely challenging and thought provoking – It was explaining my Testing. Why I test what I test. Why I follow a particular order in Testing. Why certain amount of Testing(X scenarios/ X cases / X hours of exploratory testing) is needed before I conclude my testing for that cycle.
  • I would suggest to all new testers – Try answering these questions. Probably to yourself first. Try to keep answers practical(Meaning, don’t just say, my gut feeling says three days I need). Backup with some reasons/data.


Trina Acharya

  • One of the biggest Testing challenges that I have faced and still continue to face is to be able to keep learning new things while doing complete justice to my current tasks.. To have a start and correct direction on it and also to be able to keep working on it so that I don’t lose touch with whatever I learned.


Abhaychandra Chede

  • Staying Current, A tester has to keep updating oneself with advancing technology. It is very crucial to keep current.
    Work Pressure, this might mount around releases as a tester might have to put in extra time


Hamza Bhamla

  • Have I able to achieve the expected coverage of the feature? At times the creativity of the mind stops at a stage with a thought that this the maximum possible cases. However, there’s always something that is likely to be missed.


Ajay Balamurugadas

  • Why this small change requires one day of testing


Niraj Yadav

  • Preparing test data which is expected to as perfect as Production but the client refuses to handle Production data because it is not anonymized and nobody has the bandwidth to do so.
  • Interpersonal issues of teammates. One of the team members is too casual or lazy resulting in other members to be overloaded and cover up for him until the manager figure out a resolution.
  • Working under extreme time crunch during the last phase of release as most of the time is eaten up during development.
  • Working under a manager, management or client who doesn’t understand the importance of Testing rather Quality.
  • Writing Test cases in absence of proper design document and wireframes. It is much better to write cases parallelly during execution rather than duplicating the effort.


Vadeesh Budramane

Validate the below

  • Lack of bandwidth as testing was not prioritized during budgeting.
  • Too much of data to prepare
  • Test scripts are fragile. I end up updating the same scripts sprint after sprint
  • I end up spending too much time manually verifying test results out of the automated suite.
  • Unexpected pop-ups come while executing automated scripts


Steffy Thomas

  • I think it should be reproducing intermittent issues!! It requires a good investment of time and effort with a tinge of “Thinking outside the Box”.



  • Learning new technologies every day and upgrading yourself.


Anita Gujju

  • People: Working with/for someone who feels testing is “Validating Requirement”
  • Process: Creating and the following process over testing


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We are sure that you too must have faced one or other Testing challenges which had made you think deeply on the situation. Do write down your similar experience in the comment box below.

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