5 Years of The Test Tribe – A Gratitude Note To The Community

Dear Tribers,

Five Years! 

When I look back at writing the tweets for the launch of The Test Tribe sitting outside that NICU in Mumbai (circa Jan 2018), I can’t help but feel immense gratitude for that moment. When I found the courage and incredible positivity (at the most unlikely place) to put the TTT in public.

What started as just an experiment out of helplessness to create some community space for Testers in Mumbai soon grew like wildfire going places, literally and virtually.

From spreading Chapters in all the metros to starting tier II, from doing a one-of-a-kind hackathon to doing World’s biggest, from doing a Conference experiment to doing World’s biggest, from just a few Testers to nearly 100 thousand, from a 10-person meetup to around 200 Events, from being India’s largest Community to one of the World’s leading, from side-hustling for 3 years to taking TTT full-time, and from being a Community to launching EdTech side of things- we saw a lot in last five years.

But is it only our work and credit? Absolutely NOT. We would have done nothing without the love and support we got from you all, Tribers!

Thank you, Tribe, from the bottom of our hearts for everything. 🙌🏻

Thanks to every single soul who stood along and helped build The Test Tribe. Our volunteers, sponsors, advisors, and our crazy team.

After five years, when I zoom out today, feels we are just beginning, with a serious commitment to do much more for Testers across the globe and for the Testing Community. 

Let’s make Testing cool again, and give this craft the glory it deserves.

Would need you all around. Cheering, helping, and supporting us. Thank you!

Immense love and gratitude.


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Mahesh is the founder tribal at “The Test Tribe,” India’s largest software testing community. With over 10 years of experience in the field of software testing, Mahesh is an expert in leading complex enterprise products and designing automation frameworks. He is passionate about the craft of testing and is dedicated to building a strong and engaged community of testers through The Test Tribe. In addition to being a software testing professional, Mahesh also blogs about testing and communities, sharing his knowledge and insights with others in the field.

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