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TestFlix 2021 - Aditya Garg

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Aditya Garg

CEO AvanteNow and Steering Committee Member at Agile Testing Alliance

Atomic Talk Title: Selenium 4.0 Grid Observability, Setup & Execution

Observability matters! As compared to grid 3.0, in the scaled and distributed architecture of selenium 4.0 there are certain moving components involved. This demonstration driven talk will walk you through the process of setting up integration Open telemetry framework, Jaeger GUI Maven library Coursier and using Powershell / command line prompt to execute the code and see observability in action.


  1. A high level overview of Selenium grid 4.0 architecture
  2. Observability a.k.a traceability in Grid 4.0 helps in locating points of failures
  3. Integrate Open telemetry framework, Jaeger GUI and Maven library Coursier


Speaker Bio

Aditya is an Agile and DevOps coach and loves taking test automation and DevOps solutions work. He is a ServiceNow enthusiast and loves everything about the tool. Aditya did his Master of Business administration from UMASS Lowell and has a passion for community work. He keeps on taking training/coaching sessions for the Agile Testing Alliance Community. He also loves curating and running conferences and meetups.
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