23RD & 24TH OCTOBER 2021

TestFlix 2021 Global Software Testing Binge Software Testing Conference

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100+ Global Speakers | 13 Themes | 1 Conference

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400+ takeaways in: Agile AI ML API Testing Automation DevOps Blockchain IOT Testing Security Leadership Management Performance Tools Soft Skills Testing Skills Accessibility Usability

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400+ takeaways across 12 Themes for FREE. Grab them and Rock at your Work.

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What's in Store?

Stellar Speaker Lineup

100 amazing Speakers from across the World. Their years of experience coming to you in the form of crisp Atomic Talks.

Atomic Talks

100 amazing and curated Atomic Talks your way from the passionate global Software Testing minds. Atomic Talks means crisp and clear takeaways.

Themed Sessions

Atomic Talks grouped by 12 amazing themes. Tune in to the sessions that interest you, we are sure though that each will keep you hooked.

Diverse Topics

From Testing to Automation to Performance Engineering to Career Guidance to Infrastructure to Coaching, we got it all covered.

Network and Net Worth

Your Network is your Net Worth. Heard of this saying? TestFlix is your chance to network with thousands of global Testers and grow.

Community Vibe

Experience The Test Tribe Community vibe while you join our Tribe of thousands. Passion, Energy, Growth, and Good vibes.

Why TestFlix?

With TestFlix 2021 we aim to once again create a truly global virtual stage where Software Testers from the maximum possible countries can share their knowledge through Atomic Talks. Atomic talks by definition are meant to be small, yet Powerful and that’s the whole idea.

Imagine the potential learning from 100 such Atomic talks weaved together. Atomic Talks(Byte-sized content) and Binge Learning are research-backed to be very effective and we can’t wait to create another amazing show for you all to experience.

After doing 3 Global Conferences in the last 16 months in the form of Tribal QonfTestFlix, and FailQonf, we are super excited to bring back TestFlix again.

Get your Popcorns ready, sit back, relax, and binge-watch as we present to you the TestFlix 2021.

When is it happening?

  • 23rd of October 2021 | 2 PM IST to 10:00 PM IST
  • 24th of October 2021 | 10 AM IST to 6:00 PM IST

Quick Throwback to TestFlix 2020

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Call for atomic talks

This is your opportunity to be one of the hundred Speakers from across the globe and share your thoughts with a global audience of thousands of Software Testers. 

The idea is to select the best possible 100 Atomic Talks and structure them together for a truly global Software Testing Binge watch. 

While our preference would be to give opportunity to Testers from as many countries as possible, the talk quality would be assessed as well, of course. If there are more submissions than what we can accommodate in this edition, those submissions will get considered by default for our future suitable events, with the same or different topic as per Speaker’s wish.

We will go FCFS basis. Hurry up.



Yanique Dickson

Consultant I at QualityWorks Consulting Group, LLC | Jamaica

Viv Richards

Director and Lead QA Consultant at Rubber Duck Consulting Ltd. | UK

Vikas Mittal

Global President at Xebia | India

Vadnana Verma

Security Relations Leader - APJ, Global BoD at OWASP & InfosecGirls | India

Thomas Haver

International Speaker & Automation Architect | USA

Tamoya Beckford

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at eGov Jamaica Limited | Jamaica

Sundaresan Krishnaswami

Test Architect at IBM | India

Sumit Mundhada

Automation Test Lead at 'Vodafone _VOIS' | India

Suman Bala

Test Architect at easyJet | UK

Srinivas Kantipudi

Director, QA at Hubilo | India

Sreekala Sunderrajan

Director - People & Culture Group Programme Management at GoJek | India

Soumya Mukherjee

Engineering Lead at Apple | India

Shrish Ashtaputre

Technical Director/Principal Architect - DevTestOps at Calsoft | India

Sharon O'Boyle

Software Tester at IBM | Ireland

Seretta Gamba

Freelancer / Consultant | Germany

Saurabh Kumar

QA Manager at Quick Heal Technologies Ltd | India

Santhosh Tuppad

Cyber Security Expert | Earth

Sandeep Tuppad

Head QA | India

Sandeep Garg

Principal QA Architect at Bridgetree | India

Sahana Kuppusamy

Technical Lead at Nokia | India

Robert Sabourin

President at AmiBug.Com, Inc | Canada

Rajini Padmanabhan

Sr. Vice President at QA InfoTech | India

Raj Subrameyer

Tech Career Strategist, Writer & Keynote Speaker at ChaiLatte Consulting | USA

Rahul Parwal

Senior Software Engineer at ifm | India

Priyanka Halder

Delivery Lead at GoodRx | USA

Pricilla Bilavendran

Senior QA Engineer at Billennium | Malaysia

Prashant Hegde

QA Lead at MoEngage Inc | India

Pradeep Soundararajan

CEO Moolya Testing, AppAchhi | India

Peter Walen

Quality Advocate and Agile Guide | USA

Paul Holland

Director Test Engineering at Hudson's Bay Company | USA

Paul Grizzaffi

Principal Automation Architect at Cognizant Softvision's Magenic Studio | USA

Parveen Khan

Senior Quality Assurance Consultant at ThoughtWorks | UK

Nithin SS

AVP, Lead QA at Astro | Malaysia

Niranjani Manoharan

Engineering Manager at Hippo Insurance | USA

Nishant Gohel

YouTuber at Fun Doo Testers | India

Mike Talks

Test Manager | New Zealand

Mike Lyles

Director of QA and PM at Bridgetree | USA

Michelle Chua

Founder & President at QE | Philippines

Melissa Tondi

Program Committee Member at Software Test Professionals Conference | USA

Mayank Dikshit

Director-Engineering at Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. | India

Matt Heusser

Managing Director at Excelon Development, LLC | USA

Matias Fornara Ernst

Lead Quality Engineer at Abstracta Inc. | Uruguay

Maryam Umar

Head Of Quality Engineering | UK

Mark Tomlinson

Performance Architect at FreedomPay | USA

Marie Drake

Quality Engineering Manager at Zoopla | UK

Mahesh M

Senior Manager at Ellucian | India

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala | Helsinki

Lina Zubyte

Head of Quality at Doodle AG | Germany

Leandro Melendez

Performance Test Manager at Qualitest | Mexico

Laveena Ramchandani

Senior Test Consultant at Deloitte | UK

Lavanya Mohan

QA Engineer at Grab | Singapore

Larissa Rosochansky

Senior Manager, Lean Digital Transformation at CI&T | Brazil

Lanette Creamer

Technical Program Manager at MediaAlpha | USA

Lalit Bhamare

Co-Founder of ‘Tea Time with Testers’ | Germany

Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri

Technical Specialist QA - Test Automation Practices at Acentura Inc | Sri Lanka

Kristin Jackvony

Principal Engineer- Quality at Paylocity | USA

Kristel (Viidik) Kruustuk

Founder and Chief Testing Officer at Testlio | Estonia

Kim Engel

Engineering Manager - Cloud at Octopus Deploy | Australia

Kate Falanga

Director Of Quality Assurance at Frame.io | USA

Julia Pottinger

Training and Development Manager at QualityWorks Consulting Group, LLC | Jamaica

Jonathan Lipps

Director, Learning and Education Programs at HeadSpin | Canada

Jon Bach

Sr. Program Manager for Marketing Tech Quality at eBay | USA

John Ferguson Smart

Founder at Serenity Dojo | UK

Jess Ingrassellino

Engineering Manager at InfluxData | USA

JeanAnn Harrison

Lead Test Engineer at Equinox Media | USA

James Espie

QA Lead at Fergus | New Zealand

Jayesh G Salgaonkar

Lead Test Engineer at PALO IT | Singapore

Isabel Evans

Independent Consultant and Practitioner | UK

Ilari Henrik Aegerter

Managing Director at House of Test GmbH | Switzerland

Himani Yadav

Specialist at Viewics, Inc. | India

Gitte Ottosen

Co-owner and Expert test consultant at Key2Quality | Denmark

Giridhar Rajkumar

Test Automation Architect at Hexaware | UK

George Ukkuru

AVP - Quality Engineering, DevOps & SRE at Marlabs Inc. | India

Geetima Dutta

QA Lead at MoEngage Inc. | India

Geetika Gagneja

SDET Manager at Planview | India

Gagana B

QA lead at MoEngage Inc. | India

Federico Toledo

COO, co-founder and director at Abstracta | USA

Faiza Yousuf

Product Management at Genetech Solutions | Pakistan

Eran Kinsbruner

Chief Evangelist at Perfecto | USA

Dorothy Graham

Software Testing Consultant | UK

Dmytro Shpakovskyi

Senior SDET at Momentive | Canada

Daniel Knott

Senior Product Manager at XING | Germany

Damian Synadinos

Owner at Ineffable Solutions | USA

Corina Pip

Senior Test Automation Engineer at Sage Intacct, Inc. | Romania

Claire Moss

Senior Software Engineer at The Home Depot | USA

Christin Wiedemann

Director, Quality Engineering at Slalom Build | Canada

Christina Thalayasingam

Test Engineering Manager at Northwestern Mutual | USA

Beth Marshall

Staff Quality and Test Engineer at Smoothwall | UK

Brijesh Deb

Enabler at The Test Chat | Netherlands

Belinda Goodman

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer at Greenlight | USA

Bas Dijkstra

Test Automation Consultant and Trainer | Netherlands

Balaji Ponnada

AVP Testing - Client Solutions & New Technologies at ZenQ | India

Astrid Winkler

Senior Project Manager at ‘Face AG’ | Switzerland

Ashok Thiruvengadam

Founder & CEO of STAG Software | India

Aparna A Gopalakrishnan

Anuradha Raman

Lead Automation Test Engineer at Kissflow | India

Anuj Magazine

Director, Strategic Tech Programs, Walmart | India

Anna Royzman

Founder of 'Test Masters Academy' | USA

Anna Ondrish

Quality Assurance Consultant at QAStrategy, LLC | USA

Ankit Giri

Security Lead | DevSecOps | India

Andrew Knight

Lead Software Engineer in Test for PrecisionLender at Q2 | USA

Amy Jo Esser

Director Of Quality Assurance

Ajay Balamurugadas

Delivery Manager at 'Qapitol QA' | India

Aditya Garg

CEO AvanteNow and Steering Committee Member at Agile Testing Alliance | India


many more coming soon…

Lalit Bhamare

Co-Founder of ‘Tea Time with Testers’

Conference Mode: Online


  • “Power of Pair Testing – ‘PPT’” by Himani Yadav
  • “7 things I learned in 7 years of my career” by Geetima Dutta
  • “What does system design mean to tester” by Mahesh M
  • “The Problem With Testing” by Peter Walen
  • “How to be a customer obsessed tester?” by Prashant Hegde
  • “Testing is Applied Epistemology” by Rahul Parwal
  • “Journey to Becoming a Software Tester Without an IT Background” by Yanique Dickson
  • “Training Software Testers: A Ten Step Guide” by Beth Marshall
  • “How to Log a Bug” by Kristin Jackvony
  • “Why and how not to be a gatekeeper” by Lina Zubyte
  • “Resolving Polar Models to Counteract Simplistic Binary Taxonomy in the Domain of Software Testing” by Ilari Henrik Aegerter
  • “A Case For An Edge Case” by Lalitkumar Bhamare
  • “Testers belong in production…” by Mike Talks
  • “Fail.lure” by Ashok Thiruvengadam 
  • “Better Bug Reports” by Paul Holland
  • “How I use SFDIPOT to learn and explore about applications” by Sharon O’Boyle
  • “Where do I fit into this Continuous Testing World?” by Larissa Rosochansky
  • “The significance of mobile exploit applications” by Ankit Giri
  • “Selecting a framework that documents your product” by Dmytro Shpakovskyi
  • “Cypress Advanced Capabilities Declassified” by Eran Kinsbruner
  • “Bad Spin! Don’t Ignore Your Automation Ecosystem” by Paul Grizzaffi
  • “The Problem With Testing” by Peter Walen
  • “There’s no such thing as ‘no code’” by Bas Dijkstra
  • “Hamburger automation vs soup automation” by Seretta Gamba
  • “Spice Up Selenium Test Automation” by Kushan Shalindra Amarasiri
  • “It is not automation when…” by Pip Corina-Adina
  • “Reviewing your test automation strategy” by Federico Toledo
  • “Testing is everyone’s responsibility. We need to bring the change in our mindset of “who will do it” from “How can it get done” “ by Geetika Gagneja
  • “Jumpstart Python Testing in 5 Minutes Flat” by Pandy Knight


  • “Improving Accuracy of AI based Applications” by George Ukkuru
  • “AI ML in Test Automation, Are you ready?” by Sumit Mundhada
  • “Accessibility! why should I care” by Gagana B
  • “A Story about Design and Experience” by Lavanya Mohan
  • “10 Usability Heuristics & Testing” by Nithin SS
  • “Accessible Much !!!” by Mahathee Dandibhotla
  • “QA & UX” by Anuradha Raman
  • “5 Work Appreciation Languages for QAs” by Tamoya Beckford
  • “Whose fault is that? It’s the wrong question.” by Dorothy Graham
  • “You want to be efficient?” by Isabel Evans
  • “How to Start a QA Department” by Anna Ondrish
  • “Managing Up: How to Lead when You are not the Boss” by Anna Royzman
  • “RIGID PERC: A Program Manager’s role” by Jon Bach
  • “Manage your Emotional Intelligence at work and in life” by Astrid Winkler
  • “Mindful Leadership” by Sreekala Sunderrajan
  • “8 Things I wish i knew before” by Sahana K
  • “Soft Skills for Testers” by Daniel Knott
  • “You don’t need to be an expert!” by James Espie
  • “The Future of Work – The Pre-Covid ERA” by Raj Subrameyer
  • “Softs you need to run the Perfect Load Test” by Christina Thalayasingam
  • “Performance anti-patterns in test.” by Saurabh Kumar
  • “Outperforming in the Chaotic World!” by Shrish Ashtaputre
  • “8 Performance testing tips that every Test Engineer should know.” by Sundaresan Krishnaswami
  • “Why caring about good performance?” by Leandro Melendez
  • “The Rise and Benefits of Robotic Process Automation” by Thomas Haver
  • “Effective ways of using BDD concept for Testing” by Giridhar Rajkumar
  • “Let the API requests talk to each other!” by Pricilla Bilavendran
  • “APIs Thinking : Don’t Make it complicated” by Nishant Gohel
  • “So You Want to Shift Right Over into DevOps?” by Claire Moss
  • “Testing MQTT based IoT Applications” by Balaji Ponnada
  • “Scrum Ceremonies & Cognitive Engagement of Quality Engineers” by Jayesh G Salgaonkar
  • “A few things about Agile Testing” by Brijesh Deb


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frequently asked questions

Q: TestFlix will have live talks or recorded?

A: TestFlix will have 100 pre-recorded Atomic Talks weaved together to make one amazing binge.

Q: What is the duration of the event?

A: Duration of the event would be around 7-8 hours covering multiple time zones on both the days.

Q: Will session recording be shared with participants?

A: Yes, event recording will be shared but probably only after 3-4 Weeks after the event.

Q: How can I support this event?

A: -You can bring in your testing peers to register for the event and join The Test Tribe community.
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