The Multiverse Of Testing - Sahil Puri - TF 2022

TestFlix 2022 - Sahil Puri

'TestFlix 2022' - Esteemed Speaker

Sahil Puri

Tech Lead / Manager – SDET at Zupee

Atomic Talk Title: The Multiverse Of Testing – Beyond the Known Universe.

The Multiverse of Testing – Think of testing beyond raising bugs & playing a quality gatekeeper role ! This talk will help you learn how to break these walls and cover all horizons to create an impact in this ever evolving and important quality engineering role .

Talk Takeaways

  •  Learn how to contribute and cover all the horizons of Quality Engineering role.
  • Learn how to create impact in this ever evolving testing domain.
  • Do not mistake the ability to automate as a ‘role transition’ in testing domain.
  •  Be a better version of yourself each day with quality and user experience as the primary focus.

Speaker Bio

Sahil Puri is a software engineer with around~9.5 years of rich experience in testing and quality engineering. Over the years , he has developed a passion for delivering best user experience & quality . Currently working as an EM (SDET Manager) at Zupee , he is building and leading a team of supercool & passionate engineers while developing the best in class automation infra , CICD pipelines and testing practices. Reading , learning and sharing his experiences with the community is something he loves to do outside work hours.

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