How Freelancing Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too! - Aishwarya - TF 2022

TestFlix 2022 - Aishwarya

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Associate Community Manager

Atomic Talk Title: How Freelancing Changed My Life and Can Change Yours Too!

Many experts in software testing started their careers as freelance testers. Learning and working during the University level is a perfect opportunity for someone who is not yet exposed to the working environment to develop new skills and earn some money by having the flexibility of a self made working schedule.

In this talk, I will share my story and experience on how I started as a freelancer in the testing field, survived in this competitive world and successfully turn freelancing into a full time job. I will also answer a few questions like: Is Freelancing worth it and the steps to get started as a Freelancer.

Talk Takeaways

  • How Freelancing changed my life and can change yours too!
  • Tips and tricks to balance work ,studies and a YouTube channel 

Speaker Bio


Aishwarya V is an Associate Community Manager at uTest and Applause. She started freelancing at a very young age and paved her way into the testing field, while managing her University and studies at the same time. Aishwarya loves traveling and exploring new places, and also owns her YouTube channel: She inspires all the young audience to never give up on dreams!

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