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TestFlix 2021 – Tamoya Beckford

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Tamoya Beckford

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst at eGov Jamaica Limited

Atomic Talk Title: 5 Work Appreciation Languages for QAs

Being valued and acknowledged can help to promote a positive and healthy work culture. So in this presentation, I will be sharing the five (5) appreciation languages that can used to show the QA professionals that we value them. The concept is similar to the popularly known 5 love languages and it shows us as leads, managers and team members how we can express genuine appreciation to the testers in our teams.


  1. The importance of making QAs feel appreciated
  2. The five categories of work appreciation languages
  3. Share how QA Leads and team members can express simple but genuine appreciation for the QA professionals in each language


Speaker Bio

Tamoya Beckford is a Senior Quality Assurance Analyst with more than five years of experience in software quality assurance. As a Senior she enjoys:
• Revising and improving the QA process and standards
• Coaching and mentoring other Quality Assurance Analysts
• Leading the test efforts for her portfolio team
• Being a champion for knowledge sharing and growth

Tamoya resides in Kingston, Jamaica and enjoys crafting, travelling and exploring new places and cultures.

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