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TestFlix 2021 – Raj Subrameyer

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Raj Subrameyer

Tech Career Strategist, Writer & Keynote Speaker at ChaiLatte Consulting

Atomic Talk Title: The Future of Work – The Pre-Covid ERA

I discuss 5 things testers need to start doing to say relevant in the new normal and advance their career. I compare how work has changed in the pre-covid, covid and post-covid era to make people understand the need for following the 5 things I discuss in the talk.


  1. Build your Social Media FootPrint
  2. Build your Personal Brand
  3. Remote Working is the new normal and how to do it in an efficient way
  4. Go the extra-mile
  5. Retool your skillset


Speaker Bio

Raj Subrameyer is an International Keynote Speaker, Author, and Tech Career Coach who helps people to land their dream job and become successful leaders. He has helped countless individuals discover their zone of genius and leverage it to live a life that they love. He is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and has been featured in numerous podcasts and publications, including Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, Addicted2Success, Career Addict, and The Good Men Project. He is also the author of the new book – Skyrocket Your Career. In his spare time, he loves traveling with his family and discovering new experiences which include craft beer. You can connect with him on Twitter @epsilon11, or his website www.rajsubra.com.


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