TestFlix 2021 – Priyanka Halder

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Priyanka Halder

Delivery Lead

Atomic Talk Title: Agile Communication ToolBox

In todays’s Agile world, communication is a key challenge and how we can use agile toolbox and some of the best practices to elevate team, stakeholder and peer communication. We will go over SWOT analysis of each type of communication and then choose tools from our tool box to learn how to communicate effectively and end confusion and chaos.


  1. How to categorize various kind of communication in an agile team
  2. How do you use SWOT framework to asses your current team
  3. Stakeholder or peer communication
  4. What are various communication tool you can use to improve each kind of communication


Speaker Bio

The mantra of life: Skills Can Be Taught, But Attitude is Forever !!

Certified Scrum Master. ISEB &ISTQB certified Test Engineer (CTFL). A passionate Software QA Lead with more than 12 yrs of experience. Master of Science in Computer Science graduate from California State University, Long Beach.

uTest Bug battle 2014 winner. Currently exploring the world of Quality engineering Leadership.

Working for an innovative company, leading, coaching and nurturing a QA team from scratch. Evolve as a Subject Matter Expert. Continue learning new technologies.

Leading QA efforts for large scale time-sensitive projects.
Hiring, Training, mentoring new QA members.
WEB,mobile – Automation Testing .
Test Planning and coordination.
Defect logging and tracking.

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