TestFlix 2021 – Maaret Pyhäjärvi

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Maaret Pyhäjärvi

Principal Test Engineer at Vaisala

Atomic Talk Title: Better Ideas at Test Design

Testing process can be simplified to input, processing and output. While the input is the tester and their skills, the output is a better testing, information and some supporting documentation including automation. The input, while improving continuously, is worth paying attention to, and test design techniques are a packaged way of growing testers in scale.

I tell the story of finding bugs with risk-based domain testing on BBST Test Design course, and draw the parallels to what I see at work: inability to test thoroughly to find the bugs we care for, getting trapped on limited views to what is expected of us.

Finally, we discuss the four ways you can widen your perspective to make yourself a better tester.


  1. Simplified Test Process
  2. Importance of test design
  3. Improving testing through improving results
  4. How to be better at testing


Speaker Bio

Results-oriented software development professional with a focus on testing – the skill to acquire relevant on-time information about the product.

Experienced with multiple contexts:
– working side by side with developers in product development context, complementing the team’s available skills with business, value and system -oriented views and putting together test automation and exploration in a great mix.
– working side by side with business analysts on focused acceptance testing and guiding contractors on making acceptable deliveries.
– organizing and delivering testing in agile and traditional lifecycle models
– strong theoretical background through research and teaching work in the software testing area

She is open for more consulting / training opportunities as a self-employed software specialist whenever her calendar allows.

Even though she does not value it, she has ISEB certificates in software testing, both Foundation and Practitioner. She was involved with ISTQB certification working parties, representing Finland for Foundation and Expert levels, until she decided that open certification schemes would better fit my goals of good use of time to advance the testing profession and state of practice to create software.

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