TestFlix 2021 - JeanAnn Harrison - The Test Tribe

TestFlix 2021 – JeanAnn Harrison

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

JeanAnn Harrison

Lead Test Engineer at Equinox Media

Atomic Talk Title: Mobile App Performance Testing

Mobile app performance testing need different attention depending on the architecture of the mobile application. While the usual considerations are to look at Response time, Load, Stress and endurance mobile apps testing could be different. In this talk I will discuss about Native, Hybrid and web applications and areas to look at in performance testing.


  1. Mobile Native apps – Test for accessing things on the device
  2. Mobile Hybrid app – Test for interactions with Webserver and device features
  3. Mobile Web app – Test for scalability
  4. Mobile websites may have pages accessing different web servers



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