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TestFlix 2021 – Faiza Yousuf

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker​

Faiza Yousuf

Product Management Expert and a Community Leader

Atomic Talk Title: Taking the lead – Building psychological safety at work!

This talk is mainly about psychological safety at the workplace. I will talk about how building safety at workplace is a leadership competency and how can you do that within your own teams. It includes some tips as well as a couple of book recommendations to learn more about the topic.


  1. Understanding psychological safety
  2. Why is it a leader competency?
  3. Some tips on building safe teams
  4. Books to start your learning journey


Speaker Bio

Faiza Yousuf is a technologist with over 11 years of experience in Product Development and has been a serial founder with a focus on initiatives related to gender inclusion and access to tech education. She is currently working with Genetech Solutions, leading their Product Development wing. She has also been running a consulting practice as a Product Management Expert for over 6 years and has clients across 5 continents.

Faiza is a multi-award-winning community leader and is the founder of WomenInTechPK, the biggest tech community for women technologists in Pakistan, which is making waves in the local tech industry due to its programs and activism. One of the programs called CodeGirls (free coding and business skills boot camp for girls/women) has received immense support from both local and international tech sectors in the form of sponsorships, outreach, and work opportunities. She is an ambassador for CryptoChicks, a blockchain and AI-based community initiative with its HQ in Toronto.

Faiza is a graduate and post-graduate from NED University and completed a World-Bank-funded program called WomenXPakistan, which equipped her with the knowledge to run and grow her business. She has multiple certifications in Project Management, Product Management, and Software Quality. She enjoys teaching and training and has worked with various local universities as a visiting professor. Her projects portfolio includes programs with USAID, UNEquals, SkillSoft, Thinkful, and Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship.

Along with all of this, Faiza is a top-rated freelancer on Upwork and has been featured in multiple campaigns by upwork. She is a member of the Pakistan Software House Association’s Diversity Committee and has been featured in various publications worldwide. She is a well-known international speaker, loves to read, and enjoys writing about tools and practices.

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