TestFlix 2021 - Dmytro Shpakovskyi

'TestFlix 2021' - Esteemed Speaker

Dmytro Shpakovskyi

SDET at SurveyMonkey

Atomic Talk Title: Selecting a framework that documents your product

In this presentation we will review some modern JavaScript test automation frameworks history, dive into the common problems that occur while selecting a framework and wrap things up with an easy-to-use solution that will help to document your product.


  1. Test automation frameworks history.
  2. Some of the common problems that occur while selecting testing frameworks.
  3. How to document your product with tests.


Speaker Bio

Dmytro Shpakovskyi is the author of “Modern Web Testing with TestCafe” and ISTQB certified Test Automation Engineer / SDET with a successful 10+ years of international experience in Quality Assurance, Software Testing, and Software-as-a-Service industries with a strong passion for creating scalable and maintainable test automation frameworks. He is also skilled in end-to-end (e2e), regression, load, and API test automation using JavaScript / Node.js.


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